Saturday, April 16, 2022

I was told aches come with age

 Today’s automobile:


 Some thoughts for today:
I guess I am seeing prophecy fulfilled, I was told I would know those small pains, crape like skin, varicose veins, sight and hearing loss would be like if I lived long enough.  LOL  I guess I have made it.

To be honest I have had a miserable 3-4 weeks.  I am not used to that.  I also do not think it will remain with me.  But I have an idea if I could’ve known it would be this way, I would have been satisfied with just the tooth pulled. Not saying the experience would have been any better so far, but I would not be awaiting dental appointments for completion of the Bridge.


I must have looked like a patient that might back out so this dentist required full pmt up front.

Enough of the complaining. I am afraid I am starting to enjoy it, that ain’t good!  LOL

The weather had turned off nice. A lot of wind, much more than usual for Florida, but it ain’t sleet and snow, so I should be able to smile about that. LOL

Easter is here.  There will be Easter egg hunts.  I know the kids will enjoy it, and they won’t miss real boiled eggs because most kids today must think Chickens lay plastic eggs with money and candy inside.. ;-) 

They won’t be dying eggs and enjoying that wonder.  Because most kids today have never experienced those cups of colors and being able to use your imagination for a special egg.

My sister Shirley was a good artist. She would take a boiled egg, use that clear pencil to draw things and I would be amazed when pictures showed up on the dyed eggs. No one told me it was only wax and the dye wouldn’t stick where the crayon had been.

Yep somethings the kids will NEVER know they are missing. BUT I must say Kids in the last 20-30 years have more balance than I ever had (skate boards etc). They can type better with their thumbs than I could on a typewriter. ;-)


I’m Just taking up space, happy Easter SEASON to you all.  WE KNOW the Resurrection is really the reason for EASTER.


 PS:  Just a passing thought, "I used to be indecisive. Now I'm not sure."


Chatty Crone said...

Happy Easter - God Bless.

betty said...

We colored 5 dozen of hard boiled eggs last week with son/family and hubby's brother/SIL who were visiting. They hadn't colored eggs in years and had a blast doing so (that's why we did 5 dozen so everyone had lots of eggs to color). We kept 18 eggs of them, brother/SIL took 6 of them, and son/family kept 3 dozen where they planned to make deviled eggs and potato salad :)

I think each decade we turn, we develop more and more aches or other fun things our bodies don't want to do any more. It is quite the experience for me to get up after sitting on the floor for too long :)

Happy Easter to you and Sherry, Jack, as well as your family.


Mevely317 said...

Between the two of us, Tom and I certainly resemble your first paragraph. Ouch!

I was reading your post to Tom as we drove into Montgomery this morning and we both had a good laugh about the chickens laying plastic eggs. There won't be any coloring getting done over here, but I need to get 5-6 hard boiled while I'm still in the mood to try my hand at deviled eggs. I've never tried that before.

Easter blessings!

NanaDiana said...

Happy Easter to you and Sherry, Jack! I am so sorry that you have been dealing with pain and miserableness with your dental work. I have been fighting inflammations since late Fall and finally getting a handle on it. Like you- I do not do well when I am not going at my normal speed.
I hope you have a wonderful Easter Sunday- Hugs- Diana


Sorry to hear about your aches and pains. comes with age, sadly. all your artwork for the holiday is lovely. HAPPY EASTER to you and Sherry.

Victor S E Moubarak said...

Wishing you and your family a Blessed Easter.

God bless always my friends.