Monday, April 18, 2022

If by a stroke of fate…..

 Today’s automobile:

 I am thinking of a cheap burial, the Two in one, a hauler and a digger! ;-)

 Some thoughts for today:

…. Did you ever think how you would feel, if in a busy hospital at birth, you had been given to the wrong mother and no one knew.  Then at say maybe 50-55 years of age you find out by a stroke of fate, that your DNA did not match your present parents?.....

I am sure the parents that raised you would be YOUR PARENTS but you would not know any of your REAL family.  What an odd feeling that must be, it has happened.

The family you were raised with would always be your family, but no kin. That would be wild….

Now something different (Sorry I think too much!)

I do not know if you have ever faced a life or death decision under a Doctor’s care or not, I have not. BUT I have known some who have. CHEMO treatments are scary to me. I have known people who swore they would never take them.  I personally know one lady who was told “If you do not take these treatments, you will not live over 3 months.”  She told Sherry and I, “Reality strikes when put that way and I chose Life, and it worked.”

I have a feeling I would cave in to treatments recommended by physicians I trusted, but I do not know that.

I have known two people, one facing Chemo and one facing Kidney Dialysis.  One a lady the other a man. Both swore they would chose death, and they did, I was shocked.

There are things in life that make you step back and say, “I am glad I was not faced with that!”


 PS:  Fact is, "You don't need a parachute to go skydiving. BUT You need a parachute to go skydiving twice."…  Just thinking….



Mevely317 said...

Your opening unleashed a flood of memories of the Kimberly Mays drama. Because we were living in Florida when all this was playing out, I became quite consumed with the whole affair. Talk about a no-win situation! Makes one wonder how many other cases exist. Here's a link to a follow-up story I found:

The other? Like Billy D. at church was saying yesterday, "Easy to say, these (open heart) surgeries are so routine. There's little to worry about. Then again, when it's YOU having to make that decision....."

PS - When Tom was facing chemo back in 2013 he actually had a panic attack the first day and had to come back. But you know what? He never experienced nausea or a single side-effect!

betty said...

That would be weird to be switched at birth. A few years back there was a fictional series on TV about it called Switched at Birth. It was on for a few seasons. I'm sure they got the idea from a real live case that happened! I think it is great that we can have the freedom to make our own healthcare decisions, assuming we are competent to do so. Some people would rather pass on than submit to some medical procedures. I guess to each their own?


Lisa said...

It would be wild to find out you were from another mother. My brother used to pick on me and tell that I was a foster child that mom decided to keep. This was because I looked different than the rest of my siblings when we were little. However, I still had my daddys features and I look a lot like mom now.

From cold and rainy gtown

Unknown said...

I think most people facing chemo or dialysis would do whatever they had to to live but I guess not according to the two people you knew who chose death. My mom's friend just lost her son to stomach cancer. By the time he got to the doctor it had already spread too far. The doctor told him "I wish I could say you had six months but you have maybe two" He decided not to wait the two months and hung himself. He was only in his 30's. It's so sad for his mom, his wife, his daughter. Just so sad all the way around.

Victor S E Moubarak said...

So many opportunities for us to pray in this world.

Praying for you. God bless.