Friday, April 8, 2022

The Future, confusing at best

That Car:

                    Confused cars

For today:

No human knows the future. Of course God does and unless he lets us in on the secret, we will remain out of the loop. I have known some who called themselves prophets; told excitedly of future events, but they did not happen. I also know there are prophecies in Scripture, they are NOT as plain as the nose on your face, so they are interpreted by men, MOST honest and true I am sure, but some hypothesizing.

This world has many beliefs and denominations.  We have that because there are scriptural prophecies interpreted by good men, again, they are honestly given, but different. WHO is correct?

HE knows.  HE also understands us humans; that says a lot, because we do not! He gave us a brain and free choice. Man can think he knows what GOD means in those shady areas, BUT GOD KNOWS. NOW there are true Prophets, it is up to us to see if they agree with our conscience and if they B true..

I started this diatribe (maybe not a diatribe) but verbiage about life’s future.  WE all know there are genetic features that follow a family. At times it is height, eyes, hair, nose and it seems at times, attitudes!

Sherry’s family has solid history of cancer. My family has heart and mental problems. The longer living members of my family developed Alzheimer’s or dementia. I am not a prophet, but a logical person.  Most likely I will become demented. When?  HE knows.

I don’t dread that part of life, but I do dread the transition. I watched my dear sister, she would forget the location of a favorite restaurant. She could not remember her way home once, and would say, “I’m losing my memory and it worries me to death.”

Mama would say things I knew were wrong, (she DID NOT KNOW) and it was very hard not to correct her. Correcting the demented irritates or confuses them more.

My family laughs at me, but I know something they do not know………….  After all I am very smart! Imma remember to know things. LOL

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PS: I should not think… because it is possible that………

"A clear conscience could be the sign of a bad memory."


Mevely317 said...

Witnessing my own mother's demise from dementia, it's hard not to be concerned the same might be waiting for me. More often than not I'll be talking to Tom and call something by another name -- eg, refrigerator v. washing machine. He's been kind enough not to call it to my attention, but still I worry.

Man, that first photo is driving me bonkers. I keep looking, even putting my finger over the grill and trying to figure what's what. Jack, I don't have THAT many brain cells left. LOL.

betty said...

I think God is merciful not to tell us the future. Imagine knowing years in advance what day you would die or what day a loved one would die. It would increase our anxiety and not allow us to enjoy life I think.

All the prophecies in the Bible will come to be if they have not been fulfilled yet. Those were true prophets in the Old Testament for sure. I do believe God these days can give a prophetic word to a person. I believe repent is a word America needs.


Gary B Wood said...

Saw your Picture of the driveway and the Pad for the Motor Home !! Looks good. I also like your Porch and that Rocking Chair, I could put some miles on that Rocker !! Interesting on Family Genes, My Family is Cancer, Heart and that's about all I remember ! You an Sherry take Care, hope you dry out from all the Rain !!! Sending down Love from the North, Gary and Anna Mae

yaya said...

At 94 Mom was just starting to have some issues but was still pretty good. Unfortunately, her heart starting having issues also and that was her end game. But I think she preferred that over losing all memory etc. It's a scary time getting old! We don't know the future so I feel we should plan for the worst, hope for the best, and enjoy each day to the fullest. I just hope I never forget how much I love chocolate, flowers, and Rueben sandwiches!

Lisa said...

My parents are in there 80s and I can see them getting forgetful. They forget what they say a lot and repeat a lot of stuff. My dad will introduce me to family members. But they both still drive and work. I hope I never lose my mind. I have lost enough of it already.

Unknown said...

I can tell your mind is still very sharp so I definitely wouldn't worry about your getting dementia. It's definitely not inevitable. Another thing you have in your favor is that more women than men develop dementia. A little forgetfulness? Well that's just normal aging in anyone over fifty.

Victor S E Moubarak said...

It is often so difficult to trust in God totally that He will care for us. Our human nature takes over and indeed we worry; sometimes unnecessarily.

Praying for you and yours, Jack.

God bless.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I too have some of both in my family history, but only God knows if the same will happen to me. It's one of the reasons I have them check on me often. We don't know when anything can happen and like Betty said, it is one of those mercies of God. I don't dwell on what could be and what is. Today I'm ok and that is very good. Try to enjoy each day as it comes and don't dwell on what could be. No matter what happens we can be assured, the good Lord in heaven in watching over us.