Monday, April 4, 2022

No leaks, good words

 Memorable Automobiles from The Past:

 WE just about feel like the RV park is like this:

For today:

We have had close to 6 inches of rain in the past couple days. 

That road lake was 4 times as large just after the last rain.

Further messing with our minds about our driveway to the new concrete parking slab. The young man who we contracted to do the job is good at what he does. BUT he needs to learn something.  The key word in success in ANY service business is ‘communications.’

If a commitment, time and day is impossible to keep, the customer NEEDS to know.  Evidently some contractors think “Surely they will know I would be there if I could.” But the customer does not KNOW that, but a text or call would save a lot of consternation. With today’s text ability it is easier than ever. You notify but do not have to hang on a phone to EXPLAIN in depth.

Other words are a comfort. In a house, trailer or RV after a monsoon rain you hear the words, “NO LEAKS”, IS A GREAT COMFORT.  LOL

RV’ers  come up with ways to haul ‘their stuff’.  We smile seeing a 40’ coach with a 35’ closed in trailer that houses car, golf cart and other stuff.

Some cannot afford that, and come up with this:


That is parked across the street. Sherry says the big aluminum box houses their motorized bikes.


PS:  Blogger Rick (RIP) once said:

"Knowledge is knowing a tomato is a fruit. Wisdom is not putting it in a fruit salad."


Mevely317 said...

How discouraging! But I thank you for the statement about COMMUNICATION. I actually just copied that in a certified letter to Ashley Homestore. Feeling a little like David v. Goliath ... LOL.

PS - At this morning's Bible study we were talking about patience. When one of the ladies said, "It's all God's timing, not ours" another piped up, "Well, THAT's annoying!" I'm still chuckling.

betty said...

That is such a big issue these days with lack of communication which is funny in a way since communication is so much easier these days due to technology. I don't get why some people just can't stay in touch, especially of a business matter. Wow with all the rain you guys got! Channel some our way!


Susan Kane said...

Wealthier RV-ers have the grand ship!
Sorry about the rain. Here in S. California, we could use some of yours.
We are in process of getting quotes for a kitchen remodel. Communication is needed in that one for sure.

Gary B Wood said...

I really would have had a Class A Motor Home, only thing that kept me from getting one was "Lack of Money" LoL ! I have seen a lot of these units back in the day, Used to stop some to tell them of a lighting problem or some other towing issue, most of them were very grateful !! I have been watching the weather channel and a lot of rain down your way and also we are going to get more, You 2 Stay Dry, sending down Love from the North !! Gary and Anna Mae

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Good communication is so important and makes a lot of difference when it comes to trusting folks. Glad you have no leaks. None here either, and we too have had lots of rain. We used to call those big trailers toy haulers. They packed in lots of toys inside. Especially ones for camping. A friend of ours had one and would invite us over for a inside picnic when it would rain.

Dar said...

Wow, you sure are getting wet. We could only wish. We, instead, are still getting snow, a few drops of rain and sleet. Our weather can't decide what it wants to share....cannot wait for rain and green grass over snow, ice and mud.
Whenever it rained while we camped, we played cards and board games under the awning. We even had a camper to camper tournament once. It was awesome, all while keeping the fires going and cooking over them in the downpours....the soup was great! lol. Thanks for a great memory!
loven'hugs from Way up North where it drizzles in the wind.

Lisa said...

Wow thats a lot of rain. Yes I know the routine of checking things out in the camper after a big rain. It is always a relief not to find a leak.