Wednesday, April 20, 2022

The loud Men and women of my time

 Today’s automobile:

                                   The  '25 Ford

                 I think Henry Ford I, would have kept Iacocca.  

 Some thoughts for today:

The title is misleading, what I mean is ‘people who were ‘headliners and/or innovators’ who made their mark’ in my years visiting this world.

To tell the truth, like many of my blog entries, this was brought on by a quote MA used in her blog.

“Never Explain, Never Complain.” That was a quote by Disraeli of Great Britain. It struck me because a Biography of Henry Ford II was titled that.  I thought it was original.

(This is friend Buddy's 'stang' I never was fortunate to own one)

You must know Lee Iacocca.  This is the kind of man I look for as president. The son of immigrants with the genius mind. There are vehicles that stand out in my life time, The Corvette, T-Bird, Mustang and the Mini vans.  Iacocca was responsible for two of them, the Mustang and the Minivan.

(We did own at least a couple mini vans)

When Ford fired Iacocca he said, “I know Ford will never make the money it has under you, but I just don’t like you!” That line is recorded in both biographies. .....  Ford said before he died, basically I fired Lee because he would not be a ‘YES’ man, he was too strong, I can’t have that.

It always amazed me after reading both biography’s that even wealthy men will ‘cut off their nose to spite their face’, as another wise person (my mama) would say.

I might continue this line tomorrow.


PS:  wise quote:

We tend to think of great thinkers and innovators as soloists, but the truth is that the greatest innovative thinking doesn't occur in a vacuum. Innovation results from collaboration. John C. Maxwell


Mevely317 said...

I wasn't aware of Ford's comments, Jack. Wow, he sounded like a nasty person. Like the individual who fired Tom Landry.
'Hope you will continue this thread!

Susan Kane said...

Those were ones who developed some major inventions. Brilliant engineers are often kinda crazy.

betty said...

Ford had too much pride that he wanted basically all from Iacocca. Too bad he couldn't control his ego; cost him a lot of money for sure!


Victor S E Moubarak said...

Often people say or make decisions without thinking them out. Did not know about Ford.

God bless.

Lisa said...

I never knew this about Ford. Just think. We could be driving a Lococca if Ford didn't have so much pride.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I always used to think of Ford as a great man and innovator, but now I'm wondering. It seems the more I know, the less I know. As one of our blogger friends used to say, everyday is a school day.

Glenda E Hulbert said...

Fascinating post, Jack, and really entertaining!!! I learned some things, thank you:) hugs from Chobee, Glenda