Friday, March 5, 2010

Ah, HA!


MEL OF HONEY I B HOME, A very nice person, I am sure (WHEN SHE IS ASLEEP!)
This is a used refer for $1500 like ours. Of course ours is not this beat up. I found this after Mel made fun of a new one!

This is what happens when one of them goes wrong!!!! I could probably have gotten this one cheap.

OH Yeah, I meant to say, If you buy one full price I am sure they keep it stocked for the first two years as shown!!!! hahahahhahahahahahaha! Today's exciting entry...............................

Did you read that smart mouth Mel’s comment about my $3200 refer? You are a smart aleck Mel, (from Honey I’m Home!) You will be lucky if Honey don’t throw something at you next time you say I’M HOME! LOL!!
I Must say though, you are a smart shopper, but you could have found a dent smaller than one a tree had fell on!!!! Ha! (And piercing your gums, I mean seeing the pierced gums! U B SO LUCKY! LOL!)

A new one is about $3200???? "WHAT???" That is what I asked the RV man when he told me that! So we had our old one repaired for a mint. Then I told the guy, the next time I will put a regular refer in, that does everything for $600. He laughed and said you could not get it in, and if you did, you could not secure it. All I said was “Wanna bet?” You do have to remove the windshields to get a big refer in one of these monsters. That is $500. I just hope we never have trouble with the refer again.
The RV refer does have a lot of features, but not $3200 worth. It switches to 12v or Gas when unhooked from shore power. Going down the road it uses LP. In the park it uses 120v. It switches itself.

Living on the road is different in a lot of ways, but in some ways not much different than your house. Our front yard does change a lot. And IF we have un-nice neighbors, like Lucy, we can move. We haven’t had that yet. To be honest, I am so easy going, I could live beside Mel.
To be honest our motor home is not as insulated as your house, so the cold comes through pretty easily. But then that is why we are usually in the warm climate.

We get to shop in different towns. Sometimes you miss running into someone you know, as we do here in Belmont. But man we have a big choice of restaurants. (McDonalds, Hardees, Burger King, and Wendy’s.) LOL
Traveling, I love the accents. I think there are more pronounced accents in WI, MI, PA, NY,NJ and the North East. Of course being from NC we do not have an accent. Well, that is I don’t, but I do notice folks looking at Sherry when she tawlks. LOL
New Yorkers are quick (Mel is originally from NY but they asked her to leave!). I was talking to a clerk about buying something, and I felt it necessary to tell her we weren’t from NY. This smart aleck lady says, “REALLY? I WOULD HAVE NEVER KNOWN.” (Of course I laughed good naturedly with her, before I hit her! LOL)
Thanks for coming this way.
NIte Shipslog
Another real short book:

A husband is someone who, after taking the trash out, gives the impression that we have just cleaned the whole house.
Sorry Mel, you were just in line for target practice today!! It is all a joke, I really Love you.


Helen said...

LOL on all those restaurants. Glad that you could get that fridge running. I hope it lasts for a long time. That old on pictured does look kind of beat up. Helen

Paula said...

If we lived like you and Sherry John would probably want to park it at Burger King. I'm so tired of those $1.00 double cheese burgers.

Bookncoffee said...

So what did you have for happy hour today? lol. Did it come from that refer?
Uh oh...hope I'm not your next target.
Hope you all are having a nice "warm" evening. We are heading south in about a week! yay. I hope the cold doesn't follow us.

Coffeeveggie addict. said...

S0me0ne's grinning!i w0uld l0ve t0 have that ref. And m0t0r h0use and live beside y0u and lucy.h0nestly,y0u t0o b0th are great!just missed my dad everytime I read y0ur st0ries.
Be safe always,

Hugs t0 y0u and sherry,

Melanie said...


Love you to Jack


Anonymous said...

wow..good thing Mel is a "happy camper" LOL...and I personally enjoy and think she is special...however...Jack is another story all together...and I am not going there...but alot of folks will agree with me...let's hear it folks...??!!!!!! LOLOL...the only thing our fridges give us a hard time about is the ice maker...but it usually is an easy fix...its the "labor" that costs both arms and both legs!!!! happy day Sherry...keep a short leash on and hugs to you both...Ora in KY

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