Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Just to say thanks.

I wanted to take tonight to thank everyone who takes time out of their schedule (busy or not) to read the Shipslog.
Thanks also to those who take the time to leave a comment, I do appreciate them all, the long the short and the tall. (Tall? It just rhymed, it was also from some marching song from the infantry, but the marching song was XX-rated.)
We leave the beautiful town of Belmont in the morning on vacation. Yeah, its rough having this many vacations, but we will endure the drives. Hahahaha!

(He ain't heavy, He's m'brother, motto to Boys Town. I just thought the picture was cute and we hope to see some wild life in the mountains!)
Hopefully the next entry will be from Tennessee, in the edge of the Cherokee Mountains, or the Smokies. We plan to see Fred Alton and his lovely wife Frances. We were neighbors in a trailer park over 50 years ago. Fred entered the ministry, pastored then found his calling as a missionary. They have served many years in South America and Africa.

I am thinking that I am also going on a search for a gentleman, an author, by the name of Jack Darnell, who lives in the mountain area around Tellico Plains. From what I hear he writes mountain folklore, and types his books on an old manual typewriter. It should be interesting to meet the man whose name I have been using for over 70 years.

Oh, and thanks for ordering the books on Sale here on the Blog. I have a few left, and then I think I will let Amazon & Target do the selling. Am I getting lazy or what?

Thanks again for stopping by the Log.
Nite Shipslog
The Eisenhower interstate system requires that one-mile in every five must be straight. These straight sections are usable as airstrips in times of war or other emergencies.
(Being a General, he sold the Interstate system saying we needed a way to move military personel fast incase of a war. The airstrips were also planned in the selling.)
Oh, and before I close, I would like to thank everyone for their concern. One of the tornadoes set down about a mile from here. We lost power while I was commenting on Roses are Read, we didn't even know there was a Tornado warning when the first one hit.
(The second round we were safe in Shirl's basement car and all)


Paula said...

Not a problem you always have something interesting to say. Thank you and Sherry for always being so faithful to my blog. Love the picture of the deer.

Paula said...

Meant to say love the picture of the deer and the pretty baby.

Woody said...

We were watching TV and Anna Mae said, Belmont, NC and we thought of you and Sher and the Tornado's, glad you are all safe!!!
WE NOW HAVE ROBINS! Sno-Birds are also getting ready to leave Florida and head for home so nice weather must be heading our way, today it was 49 and rained all day.
You 2 take care, You better slow down and take a Vacation!!!

Anonymous said...



betty said...

how fun with the trip to Tennessee! should be beautiful trip for you and Sherry to enjoy!

oh my gosh with the tornados! that is scary indeed. Give me an earthquake over one of those.

safe travels :)


Sheila Y said...

So glad you all made it through okay with the tornado. Those basements are nice to have when there is bad weather, we had one in Kansas, wish I had one here. Enjoy your trip to Tennessee! Sheila

Dar said...

So tell me Jack, is that you in the first baby photo? and Sherry in the 2nd?...such cuties.
Mountains, friends to see, new friends to make?..so Vacation Away You Lucky Dogs.
Glad you found safety during the tornado...several did some terrible damage here and around the counties a few years back...they are horrible.
Stay safe, travel safer, and have a Hoppy Easter, wherever you land.

Lucy said...

That child is adorable be it one or more. We have been fortunate not to ever get in a tornado. We have many here also. Glad you were safe. Enjoy your vacation.

shirl72 said...

Well I guess I had better give you a call before
you leave the beautiful town of Belmont,
Have a nice trip will be waiting for your return. I guess Mark now feels the same way I do here today and gone tomorrow. Have a nice vacation. Vacation...you stay on vacation.


Anonymous said...

Half past four in the morning and finally able to send you a wonderful Thursday for you two.