Thursday, March 25, 2010

Back in North CArolina

Well, moving day was today, we are baci in NC to try out our
slab. I had to build steps and ramps to raise the coach up level. But it is done.
To continue how I remember the presidents since adulthood. I mentioned yesterday I try to be positive. I have been most of my life. I have no illusions that all these men were perfect. I know they all made some mistakes, but they also did some good. I am only focusing on that good as I try to remember it. Some I had to go back and check the facts.

Jimmy Carter, Everyone said the p-nut man would ruin the country as a country bumpkin. I will always think Jimmy got a raw deal from his fellow Democrats who would not support him. That said.

1. Carter was the best ‘one on one’ negotiator, we have ever had. The Camp David Accords have brought about the only meaningful peace in the Middle East. That being between Israel and Egypt, which still holds.
2. He has always been considered by polls to be one of the most honest men to hold that office, whether the best president or not.
3. He was a genius mentally; he had the highest IQ of any president, one point above JFK. He also signed the SaltII arms Treaty.
4. And personally, I liked his colorful brother Billy.

Ronald Reagan.. Democrats said he would be an Acting President. It was said he would fill the Washington post’s with actors and make it into a movie! Who could take an old cowboy movie star seriously? But….
1. Quote, “In this present crisis, government is not the solution to our problems; government is the problem." I loved that statement
2. He is credited with ending the Cold War.
3. He handled the traffic controllers strike like a champ.
4. In 1984 won every state except Minnesota.
5. He is credited with having the Berlin wall torn down.

George Herbert Bush..He received and gave the normal campaign Rep/Dem language.
1. Bush signed a number of major laws in his presidency, including the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990; this was one of the most pro-civil rights bills in decades.
2. He worked to increase federal spending for education, childcare, and advanced technology research.
3. In dealing with the environment, Bush reauthorized the Clean Air Act, requiring cleaner burning fuels. He quarreled with Congress over an eventually signed bill to aid police in capturing criminals, and signed into law a measure to improve the nation's highway system.
4. He presided over the successful Gulf War to re-establish our ally Kuwait.
5. He was a WWII hero.

I will cease with the presidents I have known here. I may continue after a break.
Thanks for coming by the log.
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As you slide down the banister of life, may the splinters never point the wrong way.


Display Name said...

Nice slab! :)))

shirl72 said...

The slab looks good will get over to see it.

You know I met Billy Carter and JImmy's mother
Miss Lillian. They are really nice people.
I met the guy that worked at Billy's Service
Station. We had fun in Plains, Ga. Saw lots
of peanut farms. Nice Town.


Dar said...

Like I mentioned earlier, you give credit where credit is due and you're Still a Good Man.

Nice job on the slab. Your home-away-from-home looks pretty happy there. How long is that ride anyway?...Mercy...I'd see you coming in that beauty.
You two sure are purr-ty folks. (That's our oldest sisters Scrabble 'bedroom', ain't she purr-ty?) just thought I'd share that one with ya., cause I figured you two can take it...or leave it.

Fred Alton said...

I appreciate the positive things you've had to say about all the presidents that served our country during our life-time. It reminds me of a time when someone in my family was knocking the president, saying that the economy was ruined, that we were going down-hill quickly, etc. The thought occurred to me - so I asked him, "Are you personally worse off now than you were when the man took office?"

Man! The RV looks great on that slab. I know you will enjoy it!

Jimmy's Journal said...

I liked Reagan the best but Carter and Bush were ok by me as well. As for Billy C - He was like that strange relative that always showed up at my barbecues.


Debbie said...

Well, Sherry looks happy to be back home, you not so much. You ain't smiling in the picture like you usually are. Where's that positive attitude Jack? HAHAHA! Just teasing Jack you actually look tired in the picture.

This may sound dumb but I'm wondering why you'd have to set the front up on ramps on the slab to make it level. Is the slab on a downward slant on that end? Just curious because looking at the picture on my end it looks like the rear end is almost sitting on the ground. I know it's probably not.

Oh, and where's those pictures of you & Sherry dancing the jig on that slab? HAHAHAHA!

Love ya'll