Saturday, March 6, 2010

Okay I will win the Lottery, I will win the lottery, I will win the lottery, i will win the lottery (Lord let me win the Lottery!)

I have no idea when this will post. It is one of those mornings. I got something on my mind and couldn’t go back to sleep after one of my three nightly trips to the head (that is toilet, for your land lubbers).
I can close two doors between Sherry and I, so I hope I don’t wake her. I have made and finished off a cup of diet hot chocolate. I would turn on the coffee Sherry has made, but I will hold off on that.

I bought a lottery ticket last night when I filled up with gas, BTW it is $2.699. Don’t you just get disgusted with that .9 cents. Do they think we don’t know that really means it is a penny higher than $2.69, but if you ask us what we paid we say $2.69. But back to the Lottery ticket. $135 million. I’m gonna take cash probably won’t get but about $75 million, hardly worth the effort,huh?
There are a lot of arguments concerning lotteries, both for and against. I know the odds are astronomical that I will win, but somebody will. Some say it is gambling, course it is. So is crossing some streets and buying fishing and hunting license. Since I don’t spend my money bowling, drinking, golfing, movies or going to concerts, I figure I can waste a dollar. Then in my spare time I think of what I could do with that money. I could ensure a good education for all the grandkids. Make a couple pastors happy and pay off a church or two. I could try to visit the churches my mama paid for in the mission fields and rebuild them.
Oh, I could promote my talented grand kids. And I have a couple grandkids in construction, I could set them up in a construction company. Also we could set up the other grandkids in their business. Instead of sailing around the world in a sail boat as I wanted to, we could afford to sail all over the world on cruise liners. If something happened back home requiring us we could fly back, handle it, and return to the cruise ship.

Boy, I am gonna be so mad, if I don’t win. 32 33 35 45 49 & 7, that’s all they have to call out. hahahahahahaha seems simple to me!
Thanks for coming by the log,
Nite Shipslog

PS: There are probably 100’s of (big) lottery winners every year. You hear of the few that blow it, and say they wish they had never won. I have read about a few who are VERY HAPPY they won. Good luck if you bought a ticket.
Did you ever notice that when you blow in a dog's face, he gets mad at you, but when you take him for a car ride, he sticks his head out the window?


Helen said...

You are going to win that lottery. Did you know some churches won't accept lottery winnings because they consider the earnings was made by gambling. If they don't accept it you can just send it on to me LOL. Helen

Display Name said...

I never knew that dogs get mad when you blow in their faces! I guess because I live with blind dogs! That's how they know I'm here! :)
Good luck on the lottery!

betty said...

I have heard of lottery winners who have won a lot of money and then were broke a few years later. However, I don't believe that will be the case when you win. Good luck!!


Paula said...

I always pick number 7 too. Well when I used to play. A man from John's hometown won a few years ago and ended up commiting sucicide. Some people think I waste money on a 30 minute massage once a week. I explain it this way---I don't drink, smoke, or play bing so---some people spend more then I do on those things.

Jean said...

I HOPE YOU WIN, I HOPE YOU WIN. I use to drive 25 miles once a week to buy lottery tickets when Florida first started having the lottery, but don't do it anymore, lol.
The most I won was $350.00 on fantasy 5. If I'm down that way I might by a ticket. I didn't spend much on them I say about 5 bucks. I would pick up for coworkers and some we all chip in and played together. If I had won BIG I don't think I would have wasted it like some I have read about did. Take care, jean

Anonymous said...

Wishing you to win the lottery !

Until now haven't played more than maybe three times during my life.
Please have a wonderful Sunday you all.

Fred Alton said...

Now abideth faith, hope and charity; these three. But the greatest of these is charity!" I believe you have the FAITH. I sincerely HOPE you win - cause then I want you to practice "the greatest of these" towards some of your OLD friends! ☻

shirl72 said...

I think I will start buying tickets..Maybe
between the two of us one will win. Wouldn't
it be fun to do the things you said, pay
Churches debt and help kids. Just dreaming.
I will keep on dreaming.


Sheila Y said...

Hey, those are my numbers...ha. Poor Alabama doesn't have a lottery. I keep hoping Mississippi will get one, it wouldn't take me long to drive over there. When we lived in states that had the lottery, it was fun dreaming what we could do with it. Take care, Sheila

Coffeeveggie addict. said...

wish y0u will win,y0u have g0od plans for that,s0me of my friends and supervis0r as well are addicted to lottery,i never learn to play this game eventhough my ex was very addicted t0 it to0,he always say he w0uld bring me anywhere if he win,f0r 4yrs being t0gether he never win lol!
Have a w0nderful week ahead.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jack...and Sherry too....well according to it all this morning someone in California won??!!! oh well...we try huh??? and it always makes me peeved when someone says they wish they had never won the lottery...LOL..kinda like a hundred pound...soaking wet person saying...after two bites of something...I am so full I will not be able to walk...???!!! LOL...sheesh gang...tell the truth...what I couldn't do with the lottery...and dreams don't cost a cent...but well you have to buy a ticket or you don't have a chance...and I forget LOLOL...we have lottery and lotsa other stuff here in KY...nuff said!!! LOL...and I love...just love to bet on the horse races...twice a year here at Keeneland I do it...more fun...LOLOL...and I usually do all come around here in Spring and/or fall...we will go and check it out together ... awesome!!!!! hugs to ya from Ora in KY.....PS...I got a nice package in the mail yesterday...thanks a are a treasure for sure!!!!! but one question...who taught you how to address a package????? hahahahahaha