Sunday, March 21, 2010

THIS IS NOT A BILL, And visiting friends.

If you are on Medicare you have seen this statement a thousand times. We seldom use Medicare, but when we do the paperwork starts coming in, ‘THIS IS NOT A BILL’. When the bill does come in it gives some ridiculous charges, saying ‘You could be billed for this amount $xxx.xx.’ Then it goes to your supplement.

A few days ago we received a letter from the Census Bureau, the letter stated: “You will receive a letter soon concerning the census. Please fill it out and return.” Now I am good at math but I don’t deal in figures of millions. But how much did it cost to print that letter, stuff the envelopes, and pay postage to send it to every family in the USA?
Oh, and yesterday a man from the census bureau came to the Motor Home door, to ask us if we had a permanent address. That was all he asked.

I quit. This is the fourth entry for today I have started and they went poitical so I quit. I refer you to Jimmy’s Journal of a day or so ago with which I agree. And I am voting for Jimmy for President next time.

WE are here in Columbia, SC to visit friends. Some we haven’t seen for over fifty years. It has been such a joy. We ate with one last night, and attended church with him and his wife this morning. Amazing the things we need to catch up on. Friends in common, funny things that happened in our youth, etc.

Tomorrow we meet with more friends, one we haven’t seen in the 50 years and others we have seen only a couple times.

This view is the live sunset across Lake Murray here in Columbia, SC.
taken from the car as we drove across the dam.

How do you like this tunnel with the sunset?

How about Sherry and I in the picture?
I know you have seen the 3-D drawings floating around the internet. This is one on the side of a building down town in Columbia. Yep, it is just a painting, but the sun does glow.
There is one other very unique thing down town, we will go back in the day time and get some pictures.
We are enjoying the visits.
Thanks for coming by the log.
NIte Shipslog
And they ask---Why I Like Retirement?
Question: What's the biggest gripe of retirees?
Answer: There is not enough time to get everything done.
Question: Why don't retirees mind being called Seniors?
Answer: The term comes with a 10% percent discount.
Question: Among retirees what is considered formal attire?
Answer: Tied shoes..


shirl72 said...

The paintings remind me of the one on the side
of the building in Valdese You can't tell where
the water fall stops and where the painting begins. That one is beautiful. Glad you are
having a good time. We are having rain. If I
don't soon get my yard work done, and my basement in order, and my house cleaned I am
going to move to a place where everything is done. I might even find place where the grass
has been mowed. HE HE Ain't that a joke.


Paula said...

I like that picture. Our census is on the way. How 'bout all those people they are hiring if they are mailing out those forms? What are they going to do, go to doors like your's and ask one question I guess.

betty said...

I really thought you guys were in a tunnel, I thought it was an awesome shot, but regardless, fantastic picture of a great couple!

I was the same way as you when we got our pre-census letter. I was like "why did the paper get wasted for this and the cost of sending it?" I made hubby fill out the census form, it came to resident and he looked like a resident to me. Honestly, I thought it would be harder and time consuming but it was only 7 questions for each member that lives here and there are only 3 members here that count (still can't figure why they didn't want us to include Koda, he should also be a tax deduction in my opinion)

sounds like you are having a great time visiting in South Carolina! enjoy!


Coffeeveggie addict. said...

the painting is really c0ol...y0u t0o have great time wandering c0lumbia.


Sheila Y said...

Neat 3-D. I enjoy looking at the ones I get in email. You and Sherry enjoy your visits with friends. Take care, Sheila
PS. We haven't gotten anything from the census yet. Maybe they don't know we're here... :)
I got your book too, payment will be on the way.

Lori J said...

Hello there,

I was totally surprised when the Census taker stopped at our trailer and asked us questions...didn't think it applied to us as Canadian visitors in AZ.


ALBERTA Lori (holidaying in AZ)

Lucy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Hi Jack and Sherry...well to get our dander up a bit more about money being spent needlessly...we got our is done and mailed...and today I got a card about the census telling me that it was mailed...if I had already finished it great...otherwise if I needed any help filling it call this number etc etc etc...just a card...just another piece of paper in the recycle bin...sheesh..give me a little bit of intelligence...and your pics are awesome...we have those murals also...but out by the airport and we cannot get to them for pictures...but can see them from the road...LOL...and I know all about medicare LOL...and there mailings...such a paper mill they are!!!! and BCBS are just as bad...they have to tell me what they intend to do that medicare didn't do LOLOL...and it just gets my goat (and I don't mean Mixon either) that I don't have any change to tell them what I would like to do with them all LOLOLOL...hugs and love...Ora and am sooooooooo enjoying E'gar...(and I figured out the name about the same time Sticky did LOLOLOLOL....

Anonymous said...

OPPS!!!! THAT SHOULD BE S'GAR....I washed my hands and I cannot do anything with em LOLOL..

Lucy said...

I decided to delete my message to you for fear you would take it wrong. If you already read it I am sorry but every word I put in there was the truth.I just should not have said it on your blog.

Fred Alton said...

The pictures of you two are great. I'm so glad you are getting to visit with George and his wife - and with the Matthews. Charles and Eloise Matthews were a GREAT PASTOR AND WIFE to me and Frances and we love them. The Biloxi bunch were very special people in our lives - altho we were only there about 12 months before shipping out to Adak, Alaska.

That paperwork from the government looked suspicious to me so I had Frances fill it out. She can handle those things much better than me! She is such a GOD-SEND to me. There will never be anyone I love more than Frances in this world. Yes, she also does my taxes. While living in Africa I started calling her my "Minister of Home Affairs". Ain't God good?

Fred Alton said...

Here is a nugget I picked up from a friend on facebook. It so fits yout blog theme...well you be the judge.

"James Edwin Cossey
... written by a committee whose chairman says he doesn't understand it,passed by congress that hasn't read it but EXEMPTS THEMSELVES from it, to be signed by a president that also hasn't read it and who smokes. With funding administerated by a treasury chief WHO DIDN'T PAY HIS TAXES. All to be......... overseen by a surgeon general who is obese, and financed by a COUNTRY THATS BROKE." And he confessed that he borrowed it too.

Anonymous said...

How very interesting to read from here, "old Europe", where I haven't heard of such a story at all, agree very much with you about the cost for sending the letters, telling that you will receive a letter soon...
Please excuse as well for arriving always a bit late, yet I promise to make it sooner than 50 years. Love the "shoe quote", as there are so many kids nowadays who seem to have forgotten what the strings are there for.
A wonderful Tuesday for you two.