Wednesday, March 17, 2010

This is the finished slab. It will be our spot for the motorhome sometimes, when we are in the area. Until we come they willuse it as a basketball court. (Will hurt if you fall!)
Betty asked if a dog had went across. Yep, must have been MJ. She was climbing a ladder today and I did not get her picture. But these are her foot prints. Set forever as a memory.

As you can see, Sherry is dressed in GREEN for today. Notice the concdrete did get hard.

Another view. I asked Jerry if his work was still guaranteed. He said, "Same as always, guaranteed to get hard and crack!"

I can back that first part up, it did get hard. hahahaha

Well we came over to look at the slab. Now we can leave knowing it is curing for our return.
Sherry never ceases to amaze me. Just a few minutes ago she said, you know what happened exactly 40 years ago today? Of course I get a blank look. What? (I ask cautiously)
I landed in GITMO, Cuba bringing Mark who was 8 and Jack who was 11.
The girl has a memory that won't quit. Gotta love her.
Take care, over cast here today. Thanks for coming this way.
Nite Shipslog
(Sherry don't feel great, we may be sick, but we hope not!!!)
Got this from Evelyn...
"Women who put detergent on top shelf jump for joy"
"Never argue with fool...he may be doing the same thing"
"Best time to buy new mattress, at first sign of spring"


Sheila Y said...

Drive careful as you head out on 'vacation'. I hope Sherry gets to feeling better. She needs all her strength to keep you out of trouble... :)
You shouldn't have made her work the concrete while you were out taking pictures...ha. Take care, Sheila

shirl72 said...

I understand everyone signed their name on the pad even MF put her footprints. I should have signed my name when I came by. I guess I will have to wait until we pour another pad somewhere.


Jimmy's Journal said...

Women never forget, both the good things and the things we do wrong. That's why I never win an argument with women. I can't remember what I had for breakfast this morning.


Helen said...

Good thing that cement hardened else you and Sherry would have left some really good footprints plus one body print. I hope Sherry or you don't get sick. Helen

Anonymous said...

You are indeed an artist of so many things.
Always a safe road ahead of you and many getting well wishes too. Please have a wonderful Thursday. Looks indeed as if spring shows up for you as well.

Woody said...

Anna Mae said that slab looked like a good place to have a "shin-dig" with a little music and dancing to break it in!!

Nice Looking Job!

Hope you 2 are not getting Sick.

I lost my brother-in law, services friday, he served on the USS Des Moines CA134 from 1948 -1950. he was 79. My sister is a wreck!

betty said...

you go girl (MJ and her prints). Glad it is not entirely pristine and there's a little touch of "family" on that slab. Looks like a great place to call "home" when you are "home". Sherry is gorgeous in green; it is her color (as are all the other colors she wears :)


Coffeeveggie addict. said...

the slab looks awes0me adding that small fo0tprints lo0ks m0re great. Please takecare y0u to0 and d0n't get sick spring is waving hello and y0u two d0n't wanna miss the fun.


Fred Alton said...

Wow! I'd never seen a motorized bull float. That's amazing. I had seen one of the old motorized finishing machines but this bull float would reduce the need. Great looking pour.

Dar said...

Nice slab. I just knew it was for the Motorhome...looks good with the two of you the MJ tracks...every slab needs a memory. Hope you didn't catch that cold from me...mine is now full blown bronchitis
Stay Healthy and Safe Travels