Monday, March 8, 2010

Names and MY CAN OPENER!

Today I was thinking about names. I started a book by Koontz called ‘Forever Odd’. Every once in awhile I get the urge to read Koontz. Of course he is a great writer, just not my genre. You read along a little while before you realize that the central character is named ‘Odd’. Yeah, Odd is his first name. Neat idea. Odd sees dead folk, but cannot verbally converse with them. They will point or make facial expressions to let him know what is on their minds. I am not too far into the book, but the last character to show up to help him solve a murder is Elvis.
So as I sat in church I got to thinking about names. One of the Ushers is named Wacker. Whack is in his 80’s, I have never asked how he got the name, or why. Funny when you hear a name for many years you just accept it.
When I am writing a book and I see a character, sometimes it is hard to name the guy or gal without using a name you are familiar with, because they fit the image. The last character I created called for law enforcement background, a tough guy, by the book but having a soft spot for romance. I kept seeing Woody, a guy some of you will be familiar with from the Blogs. Since this is a fictional character Woody became his name, ex-cop &FBI. So when you need help, you ask. I asked Woody, a man of the world, who knows women and can openers. What is the BEST can opener So Now I have it! So THERE!

(Woody's answer to opening cans)

Now back to names Sherry told me of a couple kids named: This and That.
I have a friend named Y.Z. Just the letters. He sometimes goes by Zeke. I think he has a brother named W.X. (True).

In the military if a man is named L.C. Thomas (just initials) it is recorded as L.only C. only Thomas.
My nephew Ted, our family USMC HERO. Joined the USMC with R.C. Jones from Shelby. In Boot camp when muster was called the DI said: Ronly Conly Jones from Shelby. He became known as Ronly Conly.

I know others, just am drawing a blank.

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PS: Do you ever wonder……..
WHERE DO FOREST RANGERS GO TO "GET AWAY FROM IT ALL?" *****************************

I have a son whose name is Mark. He has sons named Matthew and Luke. I just mentioned nicely that he did not need a John to complete the Gospels. And heaven forbid he was going to use the entire new testament!
Son Jack has a Benjamin Aaron, Joshua Adam and a Stephen Andrew. One only not Biblical is Corey Richard.

Mel is an 'SP' (Smarty panties) but I still love her.


shirl72 said...

I like Woody's way to open cans. We have known
a lot of people called by initials. D.J., R.P.,
A.B., M.J. and don't forget B.F.


Lucy said...

That is a sure fire way to open cans. I only knew one person by initials only and that was Joes brother in law. C.R With a first name of Ceylon who would not revert to initials.

Anonymous said...

Makes one think about names, thank you for these thoughts.

Paula said...

We had a neighbor named T.P. so he ended up being called Tippy. Today when we were out driving John kept telling me Puss so and so lived here and Puss so and so did this and this. Finally I couldn't stand it any longer. I said why did they name him that awful name. John said well I don't know that was just his name.

betty said...

one of the weathermen here is Dusty Raines. I crack up every time I see/hear his name. I wonder sometimes what parents think when they are naming their kids. The poor kids who have very unique names that are hard to spell have a lifetime of always having to almost apologize for their name


BlueRidge Boomer said...

Our mountain rangers go to the beach or Disney World......go figure!!

Dar said...

Pa had a pair of twin calves named Pete and Re-Pete...Mel had, danged if I can remember if they were fish or bunnies, anyway, their names were Lunch and Supper.....only for people names,....a fella by the real 'fictional' name of Ric, was nicknamed Dick...hmmmm
God Bless the entry

Fred Alton said...

Woody's way will open the can - but I prefer a hunting knife. Do you realize that the ammo to open a can could cost .40c by now?!?

Funniest "name" story - My Dad had a member in New Orleans named Harry Butts. He was a very aggressive personal evangelist and brought several people to church. One Sunday he brought two young ladies to church with him. At testimony time the Pastor looked back and said, "Would either one of you ladies with Harry Butts like to stand up and say something for the Lord?" (True help me!)

Melanie said...

LOL Fred...