Sunday, March 7, 2010

Lottery..Bummer! TAxes, bummer, pencil sharpener & can openers..BUMMERS!

It is unbelievable those folks drawing the numbers, missed five out of six, AMAZING. Oh well, next time for sure, I will win. Hahahahahahhaha!

Okay I guess I have put it off as long as I should. TAX TIME, our taxes are not gonna pay anybodies bills this year. I sorta enjoy the short form (as compared to the long form). Don’t get me wrong with my misuse of the word ‘enjoy’, I mean it is like I’d rather get hit with a small bush than a tree. Or like preferring being shot with a .22 rather than a shotgun. Neither one is fun, but one is easier to take than the other.

To get down to it, I really don’t even like the short form, it isn’t easy to read. (Funny how they include so many ‘tips’ to filling out the form that the ‘tips’ are confusing.)
I liked the interview once with the head of IRS, when asked it he filled out his own taxes, he sheepishly said, “No, It is a little complicated for me.” Well what does he think Mr & Mrs American Citizen thinks.
I have been using a pencil a lot since I have become an exciting author. I remembered those little square pencil sharpeners. You stuck the pencil in and started turning until you had a sharp point. Well I can’t find the little el-cheapo’s so I bought one with a shaving catcher. The lead is always breaking off down at the point & I have to poke it out. So far I have bought two, neither one does good.

I have that problem with hand can openers. I have two in the drawer now and neither is worth a nickel. I say bad works and want to throw it. (NO PAULA! I DON’T WANT TO HEAR IT!) My feelings are still hurt from when I mentioned that once before, and Paula said, 'John is like that, it must be a ‘man thing’ us girls can open cans no fuss, no muss!' (lol) I might have to buy a ‘space saver electric one’ if they make such an animal.(both, the pencil sharpener and can opener!)
(The one above is the one I am having trouble with)

Now this (below) is a man's can opener, I can do it ever time with this!

Funny thing isn’t it, a guy who can build a house from the ground up and can’t open a can! I guess it is a good thing that nails did not come in cans, huh?
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Two more of the shortest books ever written:
TEACHER: "Now, Terri, tell me frankly, do you say prayers before eating?"
Terri: No mam, I don't have to, my Mom is a good cook.


Lucy said...

I agree one hundred percent with Paula. Jack the can opener that you show that you can use looks like a deadbolt. And to think that you can write such good books. If you were poor like us you would not need to file taxes. Of course you couldn't travel all over hells half acre either.

Sheila Y said...

We've got the dreaded taxes to do too. I have to agree with Paula too, seems men and can openers don't work well together... :) My Dad had ( may still have) one like you said you can use. I think he used to keep it on his key chain. Have a great day, it is 60 degrees here. Pretty nice outside. Sheila

Paula said...

Just let Sherry open the cans. Some jobs it takes a real woman to do.

shirl72 said...

Get an electric pencil sharpner they work everytime. Just keep trying you will be able
to open a can...or buy the cans that you just
pull open. Good Luck


Fred Alton said...

Can openers? Don't need 'em anymore. As much as possible I'm buying the new cans that have the E-Z Off lids. Works just like a coke can but contains soup, or rice and chicken like I had yesterday at the cabin for lunch!

About those short books...did you hear about the fire in the governor's mansion? Burned up all two books in his library - and he had only colored in one of them!

betty said...

I'm with Shirl, get an electric pencil sharpner (and an electric can opener :) both do indeed work every time (as long as you don't lose electricity)

sorry you didn't win the lottery, you were so close!!

we always have to pay with taxes so we always wait until the last minute (I'm talking April 8th or later). We have HR Block do them.


Melanie said...
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Melanie said...

Lmaoooo Paula!!

Jack I have that same can opener that you are having problems fine for


Anonymous said...

What a joy to read in the middle of the night. Would like also to use the chance to thank everyone for the interesting "comment section" of your site, which makes it even more worth to come back the day after your post.
With regard to can openers, have to agree that the classic models are best and that life indeed tasted better in the past.
Pencils, use them alot and love the smell they leave on the paper after writing on it, just a very small one, but for sure there.
Please have a wonderful start into the new week.

Ally Lifewithally said...

I agree with Paula leave the can opening to Sherry ~ As for Pencils I bought some of those where you just turn the lead up when you need to ~ no need for a pencil sharpener :o) Hope you have a good week ahead of you ~ Ally x

Dar said...

I agree with Paula too...funny how us gals can open the smallest a
As for the pencil sharpener, Jack?, go with what Ally says...those wind up pencils are the ticket and they even have an
Have a great week my friends