Saturday, March 27, 2010

The last of the presidents I have known!

To finish up with the presidents all of us have known. Yes they all had their faults. They all made mistakes, BUT they all did some good. Continuing with the one some called ‘Slick Willy’.

Bill Clinton… The campaign rhetoric against him was: He was touted as a ladies’ man. The ‘Boy Governor’ cannot be taken seriously. Look, he is a crook, check the Rose law firm ETC. BUT:
1. Some say he was the best Republican president the Democrats ever elected.
2. Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1993 and cut taxes on 15 million low income families.
3. Clinton presided over the longest period of peace-time economic expansion in American history, which included a balanced budget and a federal surplus
He left office with the highest approval rating of any president.
George W. Bush… It was yelled: He is like his dad, doesn’t have it. Will be at best, a one term president. Etc. Just a wild kid trying to walk in his dad’s foot prints. To dumb to be President, Etc… BUT:
1. No Child Left Behind Act…. With Bi-partisan support.
2. Medicare Act of 2003…. With Bi-partisan support
3. Was applauded for his handling of the Terrorist attacks on the Twin Towers and Pentagon.

Barack Obama… WE all heard the cries that he is a Muslim, He is not a natural born citizen, and he is a talker with no experience. ETC.
1. To date he has successfully passed his Health Care Bill. According to many this is a turn in his presidency. He has done what every president since the 1900’s has tried to do. It definitely does not satisfy everyone. But it is passed.
2. Most commentators agree that this is the first real accomplishment of his presidency.
3. His wife, Michelle is fighting obesity in America, which is laudable. WE are an obese nation and something needs to be done.
Oh well folk, that is the presidents I have known. No, I did not like them all. I certainly did not like many of the things that were done in every administration. But they were elected by my fellow Americans (No matter how mislead YOU GUYS were LOL).
As I have said, many blacks expected more out of our present president. I stated several times when he was campaigning, they will be disappointed as a whole, because black or white he is still a politician. Candidates for the presidency make many promises. They should be held to account for every promise. They are supposed to be smart enough to know what they can reasonably do.
A friend of mine who spent some time in prison, said he had a friend inside who was prone to say, ‘Lie to me man, I love it when you lie to me!’ I think sometimes we voters are like that.

I won’t keep on since this is growing much more than I wanted. But what I am trying to say is no matter who is in, something good will come from it. So fuss about politics if you want to, but it is going to go as our leaders want it, and we the FREE will just go along for the ride. UNTIL we are pushed too far.
And in the end we may go down, but it will not be without a fight, we love our freedom too much.
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Two parties keep our country from becoming a dictatorship, three would be better! IMHO


Dar said...

Once again, dear friend, you give credit where credit is due. You're a good man. I Love your Honest Opinion...
Stay safe and have a memorable weekend
If it warms up enough, we're going out to the sap shack again to steal another taste of that fresh made maple syrup.
BlessYaBoth from Up North

Lucy said...

I really liked your bit on the presidents. I agree with Dar, you are a good and wise man. Must be the writer coming out in you that you can write what so many of us are thinking but say it wrong, or don't say it at all. Thank you for your being able to sum up what many of us are thinking.

shirl72 said...

You have given us a lesson on politics. You are
right they make promise after promise and never follow through. This President will be interesting to watch. They have no idea how the ordinary American citizens lives.


betty said...

I think Shirl is a very wise woman with the last two sentences she wrote in her comment. I can only up this president is a one-term one, but we'll have to wait and see

enjoyed reading your "take" about all the presidents in your lifetime Jack. Certainly a fascinating mix of them I do believe


Rose said...

I agree with you completely on your views of the Presidents!

I think our current President has achieved a tad more than the others. He accomplished something others could never do. I think his degree from Harvard gives us a clue that he is an itelligent man!

Great Post!

Hugs, Rose

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this very interesting mean to measure time. Growing up and learning about America it were mostly these two that accompany me.
Wishing you as always a good start into the new week and the season of spring.