Wednesday, March 3, 2010


I was thinking about Ora, out there in Kentucky hanging out her clothes as they freeze, laboring over the wash tub getting her wash out keeping the Chaplains uniforms ready.

I got to thinking of how good our appliances used to be. Did you know there are plenty of refrigerators still running that were built in the 1930-40’s. Of course they do not have giant freezers, ice makers and are not self defrosting, but they are running. When we went to Cuba I bought a washer and dryer, both, for $50. We used them for nearly 42 months and sold them for $50, still going strong.

Most of the appliances we have had, American made, operated great, seemingly forever. I think the problems arose when they added the new computerized technology to them. Just a guess. I have said for years, there is one thing we do in this country is build good appliances.

This little ‘Splendid’ combination washer and dryer we have here in the motor home is made in Italy. So far it has operated great. It still amazes me that it will wash and dry in one machine. You could actually put dirty clothes in and take clean dry clothes out, but you may have some small stuff like wash rags, ok, wash clothes and underwear dried in a lump. So Sherry takes everything and shakes it loose before allowing it to dry. I am learning a little at a time how to operate it. The spin cycle on that little sucker is a million rpm’s (it seems), it looks like it would tear itself up, but it doesn’t.
The big drawback to our refrigerator is it is not self defrosting. It is my job every few weeks to defrost it. It isn’t bad, but at the price of this type of refer it should do everything. If you were to buy this refer new it is over $3200. That is ridiculous.

So if anyone is in the area, please go over hand help Ora hang out her clothes!!!!!!!

I know you guys will laugh but it is really snowing here. They are calling for 2”. I know Rain, Woody, Lucy, the Mel’s and Dar are all feeling sorry for us!!! Hahahahahahaaha!

Thanks for coming this way.
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Lucy said...

We are supposed to get rain Friday. I almost could not believe it when it said rain. Our alley is so tore up with people getting stuck in the winter on the south end. Even without brakes I did not spin a wheel.

Helen said...

Would you believe we had snow yesterday. It stuck for a few hours, then when it quit it all melted which was fine by me. I remember hanging out clothes and especially baby diapers that they froze before you could get the clothes pins in place. That sounds like a super washer and dryer you have. Yes at that cost that fridge should be self defrosting. Helen

Paula said...

I hope it wasn't you I told this to (forgetful me) but I am using the same washer and dryer I used before Mel passed away over 20 years ago and I've been here about 15. Harvest Gold if you please and only one scratch on top where a can fell from a shelf.

Display Name said...

Hey, you guys are getting more snow than I am!!!

Sheila Y said...

Well I don't feel sorry for you getting 2" of snow...I'm jealous...can't wait to see your snow sculpture... :) Take care and stay warm, Sheila
PS. Tell Shirl, that it is okay if she turns on the electric tonight so you and Sherry can have a little heat...

Jean said...

Hi, I still have a Kenmore harvest gold refrigerator and up right freezer we have been using since 1978 I did have a stove but replaced it about a year ago for a stainless steel one. The guy at Sears told me when I bought The new one last year I would not get that many years out of the ones the build now. I told him I wouldn’t be around that long, lol. I just might fool myself, lol. Will say if I live to be 107.ha. take care, jean

Fred Alton said...

Appliances are made with parts that will crash just as the warranty runs out. I bought a propane gas fridge two years ago for the cabin and have never defrosted it. Will I be in trouble? I leave it running all the time and I'm so seldom there...but it's worth it to have a cold drink in the summer - and sausage, eggs and bacon when I'm there in the winter! One of our daughters works for Maytag/Whirlpool and we've bought washer and dryer from them about 11 years ago. They are still working fine. Maybe we're just lucky?

shirl72 said...

The refrig. and stove that was left in my house
that I sold lasted 30 years The stove was
still working. Had to replace the refrig.
I have new ones and they are just OK. As our
age will say just don't make them like they use to. I loved my old appliance.


Anonymous said...

Remember hanging clothes out to dry in Germany during the winter, laughing afterwards, as the jeans were able to stand on their own - however it seemed as if frozen clothes were much sooner dry as those which were not frozen before.
A wonderful Thursday for you two. Thank you so very much for all your wise words upon the Athens sights.
Currently a bit in thoughts about a relationship, the honesty it demands etc., as there was a incredible surprise two days ago.
Well, close to five already, wishing you a nice start into your day.

betty said...

I'm convinced they just don't make things as good as they used to, makes you wonder if they don't so things can be replaced sooner than later, and thus, more of a profit (or maybe I'm just cynical)

sorry about the snow but it will be spring soon!


Ally Lifewithally said...

It always amazes me how some appliances go wrong just as the guarantee runs out ~ :o) Ally x

Melanie said...

no sympathy from $3200 for a fridge?? i got a brand new one...scratch n dent $350.00 (without dent $650.00)...actually looks like someone dropped a tree on!