Thursday, November 4, 2010

Alabama without a banjo on our knee!

(Sorry if this thing shows up many times.)Something there is about a barn. This one is in the back of the RV park. When Sherry called about staying here the lady said just turn in the park and go around the barn. I knew this was gonna be a nice spot.
Just up the road is cows and horses.
This is down town Evergreen at the peak business hour. I'd bet this was a nice bustling small town at one time.
OH, wow just down the road from the RV park I spotted this old fire engine. It reminded me of the Key WEst fire engines, painted Lime Green.  There were also tractors up the hill.
WE are parked right on the county road #6. That is us in the corner lot.
Oh what treasures Alabama holds. We passed a 1955 Rambler and an A model just before we came to these. On the left is a '39 Cadillac and the right is a 1936 Oldsmobile.Olds is $3500 or best offer. Lotta work sitting there waiting to happen folks.
And then there is the town of Andalusia, Alabama. Takes it's name from a horse that the Creek Indian Chief rode to escape the white soldiers. It was said to be the fastest horse around. Neat, living in a town named after a horse.  This is a mural  down town, just up from the Dairy Queen.
All our married life, Sherry has gotten tired of hearing me say, Look over there at that yellow thing, I want it.  I always loved Yellow Gear,  I only had one, Vondale found me a Yellow Ford Back hoe. I loved that thing.  But I never knew where yellow gear went when it died, Well on US84 near
Andalusia there is this yellow gear grave yard.
But most of all here in Alabama, we got to meet Jean and Grover. When you read Sheila, over at Southern Comfort  (Yeah, the one who does all the snow dances, and subs as a rain dancer sometime.) Look on the side bar at the young girl and her man on the side bar. That's right, the one who looks like a cute Mouseketeer. That is Jean, she is still a beautiful lady, and you can still see the mouseketeer in her (and maybe a little cat!). I did not like Grover. He is older than I am and has much more hair. hahahahahahaha!  They were both very nice and we were privileged to get to know them.
So in the morning we leave Alabama and head for Mississippi and a long awaited reunion with troops we were stationed with in 1958-1960, and fellow workers in the church there. Our pastor will be there from that time, he is in his 80's now.Thanks for coming this way.Nite Shipslog
PS:Remember life is great, enjoy it and don't rush through it.  We are the human race, sometimes we think we should rush to the end, but not so.  You will get there soon enough, believe me.

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I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Safe travels to you both! It is thundering and lightning here in Ohio. Another weather front coming in bringing cold rain, sleet and possible snow...You are in the right place being nice and warm down there. None of the pictures were showing for me only html talk...I don't know if it is my poor connection or yours.

jack69 said...

To keep from going back and making yet another correction, That picture of downtown Evergreen is not Evergreen. That is the jumping town of Castleberry, Alabama. Evergreen is actually a pretty active town.

Paula said...

I want that 1936 Oldsmobile, my birth year. Looks like a fun place to visit.

Fred Alton said...

Jack, you and Sherry are incredibly joyful people. I love reading about your adventures, seeing pictures of and reading the stories of you meeting with and making more friends. The old barns, cars, and other old machinery also capture my desire to know about these things. This blog made me want to buy that camper and get out on the road! Of course you know why I don't.

Coffeeveggie addict. said...

that couples lo0ks gorgeous!all ph0tos are great and I enj0yed the tour!always keep safe!

s0rry seems to be the hardest w0rd


Sheila Y said...

I had to open link in another window, but I was able to see them. Mom sent me 3 pics, but her camera was on the wrong setting and they were small. If you have more I'd love a copy. I didn't think that looked like Evergreen, I went through there every time I went home from Mobile, thought I had missed something when I went through...ha. Have safe travels tomorrow, Sheila

shirl72 said...

Glad to see parents of the snow and rain dancer.
She danced this week because we had rain. Nice looking couple. Love to see the old cars, they look familiar. Glad to learn about a Yellow Gear. Hope you have a good time meeting with all
your fellow friends. Stay safe.


betty said...

that is beautiful area where you and Sherry were, Jack!! How exciting with what lies ahead in Mississippi with the reunion!! Safe travels!


Lucy said...

You do love old things don't you all. Well let me tell you Joe likes old things and when we went on vacation He loved the places that. You 2 are the best travelers and I got to meet Sheila's mom and dad. We were introduced by e-mail when I was still in Journals. Bad part, not in person. Jean is a pretty lady and her hubby very nice looking Be safe and enjoy your selves.

Y said...

We're heading back to Mississippi on Nov 10. Will you still be there?

Jimmy's Journal said...

Great pics and stories Jack! My Dad was born in Palmetto, Alabama near Dothan. I have relatives in Birmingham and Tuscaloosa.

That picture of the old barn would make a great painting. I paint with oils and there's a program called "Paint" on my computer which has proved to be challenging.

One of these days, I'll email you some of the pictures I did using "paint".