Monday, November 29, 2010

Fruit and hiking



I love fresh fruit. I buy grapes when they drop below $1.50 a pound. Then the stores are just trying to cut their losses. Sometimes I get great grapes sometimes we lose some.


I like my apples hard and crisp. I also like salt on them every once in awhile, especially if the apple is green or tart. I guess my favorite apple is the Delicious (red or green). When I was little I didn’t know one apple from another and preferred any kind, GREEN. I loved what mama called cooking apples. They were hard and cracked when I bit into them.


We still have orchards here in NC mountains that have ‘pick you own’ orchards. We have only done that once or twice. We have picked citrus in Florida, but the ‘U-Pick’ groves are getting scarce, the owners are leery of law suits. That is a shame.


Hunsader’s Farms, near Bradenton, Florida still have u-pick fields for strawberries, tomatoes and Bell peppers. The best deal we ever got and the best oranges were there. WE picked several bushels for $1 a bushel. You can pick a bushel in a couple minutes.

I love grapefruit; Southern Texas and Florida have the Best Ruby reds. Now I noticed on this medicine I just started that I cannot have Grapefruit nor the juice. Bummer.


I think fruit is important. Several times when we were hiking, we bought an extra bag of apples and hung them so hikers could reach them; an apple is a pleasant treat as you walk thru the woods.

True story: Damascus, VA. The AT goes right thru town. It is a friendly trail town and they have Trail Days every year. Hikers from the past come back to celebrate and talk to the current year’s crop of hiker who have made it this far. They have many vendors and lectures, and display the latest in hiking gear. We attended a lecture by what I call a tree hugger (I love our environment, and try not to do too much damage to it.). This lady had a couple points to make. “NEVER, NEVER throw an apple core down in the woods. Animals will eat it and get used to the free food and forget how to forage for it.” I casually asked my neighbor, what about all those apple trees we pass hiking, shouldn’t we destroy those?”

“The lady also thought it a good idea to take a short piece of 4” PVC pipe with one end having a cap on it. You should ‘poop’ in it and carry it out to a proper disposal point.”


I got the idea she didn’t think Bears actually did ‘poop’ in the woods. Some folks are extreme to the ridiculous.


Thanks for reading this stuff.

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Paula said...

I never did like grapefruit but now that i take medicine that I am not supposed to eat it I want it. Like the bear on the potty.

shirl72 said...

I was thinking that the rule was not to drink
or eat grapefruit at the same time. Need to
check on that. Together or close voids the
effect just not together. I am no Dr. will check on the rules. I also love fruits they
are healthy.


betty said...

Never heard of salt on an apple, on watermelon yes, but not an apple. I'll have to try it some time. I'm with you, love fresh fruit! Very healthy for you inded :)


Monica said...

My parents had a Jonathan Apple tree in our backyard and I LOVED those apples - with a hint of salt on them please. =) Like you when I was younger I didn't know they had all these different types of apples. I just liked the backyard kind the best and I thought it was because I picked them fresh.

Never developed a taste for grapefruit. Love, love, love my oranges and grapes too!

The bear made me chuckle.

shirl72 said...

PS: Checked on the Internet don't do grapefruit
and medication. They had more studies and you are right.


Jimmy's Journal said...

I've always loved fruit and I feel rich when I come across a ladened fruit tree growing in the wild. I especially love red grapefruit and I have no idea why one cannot have grapefruit while taking medication.

I'm a firm believer in taking care of the woods and our natural resources. As for the 4" inch pvc idea, I, like the proverbial bear, will continue to shit in the woods.

Great post, Jack!


Helen said...

I like crispy apples with a little salt and so does Ken. We try to keep fresh fruit also but I have to watch even then because some of them have a high sugar content. I wouldn't think a few apple cores would make the animals dependent on them. Actually it would be a treat once in a while for them. Helen

Cher' Shots said...

Hey Jack and Sherry ~ If you want to pick some good apples just come take a nice fall hike with us behind our house. Loads of apples, just ask Mel & Slim :)
I agree, some people get carried away and take things to extremes.
'hugs from afar'

Anonymous said...

Haaaa on the bears. I love ruby red grapefruit...& eat it almost every morning.

Lindie said...

I can't eat grapefruit either. But that isn't too bad since I wasn't crazy about it ayway. What ever happened to Winesap apples? Haven't seen them in years.