Friday, November 26, 2010

What scares YOU?

Amazing how public opinion sways our lives, political and personal. Who pays for all these surveys? This one caught my eye:

What scares Republicans?

republican survey

What scares Democrats?



WE the Survey

We love surveys. Americans live by surveys. I love this one. The one that asks what scares Republicans, Democrats or YOU. I guess YOU can be a democrat or Republican.

So do snakes scare you?

 Snakes care _47% Republicans and _51% Democrats. Together they care _46% of us.

Spiders scare __41%__ Reps, 39%---Democrats and -39%---- of us.

Democrats ain’t afraid of spiders but snakes bug them.

Republicans are scared of spiders but not snakes as much.

9% of democrats are scared of democrats,

While 16% of republicans are scared of Republicans.

18% of democrats are scared of the dark while 24% of republicans are.

19% of republicans are scared of Clowns while only 16% of democrats are.

This is important stuff folks, a psychiatrist could have a ball with this and probably have.

21% republicans are scared of the dentist while only 17% of Democrats are.

60% of Democrats say that Republicans scare them while the same amount of Republicans are scared of Democrats. Folks we don’t trust one another!!! News??

The Tea Party is the largest big deal. Only 18% of Republicans are scared by the Tea guys while 54% of the Democrats are scared of them.

45% of Democrats are scared of getting high, while only 35% of Republicans are. Now I may have miswritten that, it is the fear of heights. I don’t think either of the party leaders is scared of getting high.


Now a survey on what makes you happy, would not stir half the attention, that attitude is thanks to the News Media where Bad is a FAD (always it seems)

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Some people hear voices. Some see invisible people. Others have no imagination whatsoever.

17 million Americans (Democrats and Republicans) are still in debt for last Christmas purchases, and are about to buy more? That is crazy!

Now this is what should scare you!


(Just a joke Woody, don’t send the hit squad!)


Anonymous said...

After listening to two years of Statistic at the University, it is difficult for me to believe them anymore. Interesting though to read.
Thank you for the kind words upon the 'tree', which I left as I took it, making me bend, pretty much like life. Please have a good weekend you all.

shirl72 said...

I don't believe any statistic. They poll
about 200 and some of the calls are on the phone.
Statistic are from a very few and is suppose
to represent us all.


betty said...

Snakes and other slithery creatures scare me. I think polls are skewed a lot, how do they really know what is a fair representation when they poll people?

hoping you guys had a nice day after Thanksgiving and didn't "attack" the malls :)


Lucy said...

Now I must say I feel like there should be no parties, aND THINGS COULD NOT GET much worse,]. Nowe how many feel sorry for the president when he was playing basketball, over thanksgiving anhd one of the players elbowed him accidently and split his lip that recieved 7 stitches.

~mel said...

what scares me ~ you! just kidding

Sheila Y said...

I hope you and Sherry got all your Christmas shopping done on Black Friday...ha...nope, me neither. I'd rather be sleeping at that time of morning...but never say never, I may go out one day just to see what goes on...ha. Have a great weekend, Sheila
PS. How come you haven't told me about Christmas town, there close to you?

Rose said...

These so called "Polls" are ridiculous in my opinion!

Hugs, Rose
P.S. Snakes do scare me! LOL

Anonymous said...

Sad clown faces scare me...and I see them on many politicians faces...from all the parties.
People trying to control me...that scares me too.
The dark & dentists? No, I find those cool.

Fred Alton said...

I'm more afraid of those two legged snakes than I am the kind that crawl on the ground. ☻☻☻ And I "fear" God. "The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom." I fear fire when it is out of control. I suppose I could name several things I fear - but think about this......I do not fear electricity, but I respect it. I stay clear of it. I do not fear snakes that I can see, but I respect those I see enough to stay away from them. I do not fear the devil, but I certainly keep my distance from him as much as I'm able! ☻