Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Something about Nothing


I received an E-mail entitled: why men are never depressed. WE men have so much going for us, one of the points was:

xx. The world is their urinal.

She had a point there. But she over looked some things when she said:

1. Men can’t see wrinkles in clothes. (Yes we can, we just don’t care about a small wrinkle.)

2. Three pairs of shoes are all we ever need. (Who would need more, and why?)

3. One wallet any color. (We are too lazy to carry all that other stuff around, it isn’t efficient. If everyone wore Jeans with pockets, anyone could carry a wallet. What has color got to do with it?)

4. Three types of clothes 3,2,1!. Work (3), casual(2) & Dress (1-suit). (More?WHY?)

Things are changing, manufacturers have hired some ladies who are ‘upwardly mobile’ and THEY have decided to change the MAN outlook. I think they had conspired with some Rappers to help. Until a few years ago men would stretch their budget to buy ‘Levy’ jeans that were about 20% higher than LEE or Wranglers. That made Levy’s about $15 and the other about $9-$13.(Roughly).

NOW there are name????? Jeans out there for $40-$100, and these promoters have sold many of my brothers on this, especially the young. I can’t imagine crawling under a car with $100 jeans on!


With the help of Rappers they have the ‘Below the crack (some below the lowest hanging part) pants that are lost in reason and efficiency and sell for $80-$300. A useless addition to some of men’s wardrobes.

WE have men buying clothes with someone’s name emblazed across them. It was Nike, and then they changed to a check mark and charged more. There is Abercrombie and many more. When I was in business companies gave me hats and shirts that had ‘their’ names on them? WHAT? If I wear a name it is going to be MINE!


Sherry came into my office one day smiling and stuck a ‘Maxine’ cartoon on my bulletin board. When she left I read it, Maxine said, “The only way I will wear a shirt with Abercrombie on it, is if my name is Abercrombie!”

Sherry knows me.


One of my grand kids wanted some Michael Jordon shoes once, I remarked, Michael doesn’t need my money, he keeps his own, I think I will keep mine. Someone has sold America a bill of goods with the help of celebrities. Kids bats in little league must be special. My remark is: Babe Ruth hit many Homers with a Louisville Slugger, the same bat used by the guys batting 125. It is Skill, that you cannot buy!

Thanks for reading this junk.

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Lucy said...

Jack you hit the nail on the head when it came to prices. Joe has been going to throw a flannel shirt away that has a hole, by that I mean half the sleeve is gone but he has been saying he was going to throw it away for over a year. As for the low slung jeans we saw a fat guy bending over to do something and there was a huge craCK

shirl72 said...

Shoes I love and got to have a purse that holds
everything that I might need that day. Names
on clothes have changed and some I am not

I think the look is "Pants on The Floor". I don't know how they run in them with the straddle down to the knees. I don't paticular
want to see the crack or the color of their underwear.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I'm way beyond trying to keep up with style or name brands these days. Give me comfort, pure and simple and I'll be wearing it.Snow is supposed to be on the way to Ohio tomorrow.

Paula said...

We have to carry all that "stuff" in case we need it and sure as if we don't have it we will need it. Speaking of jeans I can not understand why anyone would pay for holes. My son-in-law's nephew brought his new girl friend to Thanksgiving dinner and she was wearing jeans with a large hole in each knee. She was pretty and mannerly but why did she need holes in her jeans????

betty said...

I'm with you, Jack, why $100 jeans!! And then sometimes they have holes in them or ragged edges, etc. Yet people buy them and so manufacturers keep making them.


Dar said...

I have worn the 'holes in the jeans' but not because I paid for them that way. My holes were 'earned' working...I guess that must be where the phrase, working my pants off, came from. Ha? It's rediculous the way some of todays kids dress all to 'define' themselves. What's happened to self-respect? I am grateful that some of the schools and work places, simply will not allow kids to dress disrespectfully. Amen.
Great post.