Sunday, November 28, 2010

They are destroying Some of Sherry’s past!

We don’t always keep up with what is going on here in Belmont. My cousin in Las Vegas many times calls or e-mails to let us know something about our family in NC. Sherry has a cousin in Georgia that keeps her up on her family and doing here. A few days ago he told her they were tearing the old Imperial Mill down. Sherry spent many years on the Imperial Mill Hill because her Mom, Dad, and brothers worked there.


So we decided to drive over and see for ourselves. I planned to get a brick from the old mill and fix it up for Sherry. I did get one. Yep. There she goes. The mill has been dormant now for years although it was very active during the years 1907-1995.


(This was taken in front of Sherry’s house on the Imperial. The mill houses you see are gone, Yeah that is my girl on the right)


(The new neighborhood is called Hawthorne, This is in the area of Sherry’s house. you can see the mill on the nest hill in the background)

The mill houses are torn down and Very Upscale houses and Condos built there. As we stood there she pointed out where her mother worked. One of her sisters would take the baby, little Johnny over to the mill for her to nurse him, then take him back home. Also she knew where her dad worked of course.


Her dad is on this picture of the employees when he was about 12 years old. No one considered it cruel, during those years every penny earned counted to feed a family.

Me, I just learned about the mill after meeting a pretty girl. She wore her hair with bangs and a long brunette pony’s tail. She also had a knock-out smile. Her dresses were down to her ankles with several crinolines underneath. Oh she had bobby socks and penny loafers I think.


She sat in front of me in French Class. I knew I didn’t have much of a chance with her because she was a grade ahead of me.

BUT she did and we started going steady (do people do that anymore?). I lost my driver’s license due to a little driving mishap, so I walked to her house, and floated back to mine late for a few weeks. I went down the hill from her house and back up by the Imperial. I jumped the rail road tracks and floated on home, dreaming about that Girl’s kisses. WOW. So yes, I remember the Imperial too.


Sherry wanted a picture of me (floating) running up the hill from her house. The road used to go strait behind me and up to her house.

Nothing stays the same, and time continues to move on. Progress they call it. But the 20+ mills in this town supplied many a job for working folk. They were called cotton tops, lint heads and mill workers, but as a whole they were hard working honest folk.


So Goodbye to the Imperial, thanks for my girl.

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betty said...

that is sad when we lose a bit of our history like that; lots of memories there I'm sure!!! but in the end, you and Sherry are still together after so many wonderful years :)


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

What a lovely story of days and places gone by. Your memories seem so fresh in your mind. I remember things but could never express them that way. Thanks for the pictures and memories today.

~mel said...

What a bittersweet post. It reminded me so much of when my old school was torn down.
I LOVE LOVE LOVE that photo of you floating!! lol!! I bet that put a big smile on Sherry's face!

Anonymous said...

Nothing stays the same....but your love for her.

Fred Alton said...

I love going back to the old places we used to live as children! Wil wants him and me to go over to Campaign, TN (about 130 miles from here) where Dad pastored when we were in grade school.) Lowell and I went about four or five years ago and our old school was gone, the church relocated, but the old parsonage that Dad built was still standing then. Your blog made me want to go over there today! You know what pal? You were in love!

Dar said...

Oh my heart be still! Your love for Sherry is so wonderful and you still float. Such a shame tho, about the old mill. Mel is right, it made me think also, of the old Fifield school we went to before it met it's demise due to progress.
Our memories can never be taken from us, tho. You and Sherry have a wonderful evening.

Sheila Y said...

Our town had two mills, one has been closed awhile and parts have been torn down. The other is closing after the first of the year. That's progress they say... :( Take care, Sheila

shirl72 said...

Remember we saw my old High School in shambles and your Rock School still standing. They say
we have to move on and let progress move forward.
I don't understand why they can't use those
well built buildings instead of tearing them down and building something cheap.


Anonymous said...

How very thoughtful of you to get the stone. Impressed !

Please have you all a good Tuesday.