Wednesday, November 10, 2010

To Wildwood, Florida

We left Biloxi and headed for Wildwood, Florida. We usually spend some time with our friends from Belmont, Don & Evelyn. Sherry graduated HS with Evelyn. Don graduated a year ahead of them. We all go to HS reunions. Of course drop outs like me don’t have a graduation class, therefore have no peers to reunite with. I actually graduated before my class as a GED flunky, but the Principal of BHS would not let me stand with my class. Could have had something to do with the 1533 hours of detention that I had skipped out on, who knows what petty people think. LOL
I do enjoy Sherry’s class reunions because I look so much younger than they do. HA!
So we will spend a few days with Don & Evelyn and go check our mail a couple times.
We love that area of Florida, and are looking forward to returning for the winter and doing some fishing this coming year.

I am also looking forward to some fresh Citrus fruit and juice.
Most folk don’t know it but Florida is a big horse and cattle state. We will be driving thru some of the best horse country in the world near Ocala. The Horse farms, like Kentucky are striking by their white or white and black fences, short training tracks and trotting ovals. Horses always fascinate me.
Looking back at Biloxi (pronounced B-lux-e if you are from here) we have talked constantly of our time here and how very poor we were. We joked about eating out, doing what? Only on family and group cook outs or at the church with our close friends.

One thing I remember, I love sardines. I know God created sardines in a flat can packed in oil. Ten cents a can may have had something to do with it. Anyway, at the commissary, I picked up some sardines. At home I opened one can and they were rotten, they had turned yellow. Until my sweet wife took time to read the can where it said, ‘packed in mustard’. “What fool would do that?” I asked.
That was my introduction to someone’s joke of packing them in Ketchup, mustard and I hope God forgives them for that and the rest.

We had a little excitement driving in. A light that says in ‘RED’ STOP ENGINE, CAME ON. We petted the coach for a couple hundred miles until we got here.
Tomorrow we will try to determine what it is!!!

Thanks for coming by the log.

NIte Shipslog

PS: 'You've never been lost until you've been lost at Mach 3.'
-Paul F. Crickmore (SR71 test pilot)-

That gives me comfort when I get lost in the motor home.


Fred Alton said...

Fantastic area of the state. You're close to where the real Fred Brannen is buried over at Lacoochee. His son, Fred Jr., lives at Inverness. Maybe if Frances continues to improve we will see you sometime right after Christmas in Florida. Then we MUST go together to Crystal River to the Fish place and get some mullet roe and grits! ☺

shirl72 said...

I hope you petted the coach enough to settle it down. It doesn't know where it is going it is tired. Glad you made it to Fl. Tell Evelyn and
Don hello. You can thank Don for me not spending
lots of money.


Paula said...

When John's check engine light comes on he puts tape over it and I worry.

Jimmy's Journal said...

Have a great Veteran's Day Jack and thanks for your service to America!


betty said...

oh my gosh, I hadn't thought of sardines in years, but we did eat a few here and there growing up. Might need to get a can of them for memory's sake!

1533 hours of detention?? I think that was a world's record!!

hoping all is well with your "wheels" and that light was nothing too serious!


LYN said...

wave as you drive by jacksonville!!!
Happy veterans day!!