Wednesday, November 17, 2010

MOving Day again.....

Our goal today was Point South, SC, that is near Yemassee. Nice to be on-the-road. It allows your mind to wander (to a point), Most of today’s drive was Interstate except for a hundred or so miles of US-301. This is the famous speed traps starting at Waldo to above Starke. They have been featured on national TV with interviews of the local Chiefs of Police. The state tries to soften the blows by the number of signs stating Speed limit changes. Last count was about one per mile. There was a time that the speed changed from 55 to 30 or 20 in a tenth of a mile, and the locals were there to STRICTLY ENFORCE the speed limit.
I have never had a problem, but I honestly normally drive the speed limit. I am in no particular hurry anymore.
I have no kick against law enforcement strictly enforcing the law, but sometimes when it seems it is actually a ‘trap’ that you feel you have been ‘HAD’. I have had a couple experiences I did not like, but by far I have been treated fairly. Yep, I never complain if I get caught, and I am guilty. There have been times that a nice guy let me slide and I was guilty. I honestly appreciated that.
I figure most ‘law dowgs’ are just honest men earning a living in a job that is not truly appreciated. The last guy was a local policeman in Tellico Plains, when I stuck the Motor home in the mud. He checked back regularly to see if we were ok, he was there when the wrecker came to wench us out to stop traffic etc. He did not give me a ticket for messing up the right of way.
So at the end of the day we are safe at a new home, ready for a good night’s rest before driving on into Belmont, NC and Mark’s back yard. We will overnight in Yemassee, SC. It seems to be a little cooler here.
Thanks for coming this way,
Nite Shipslog
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PS 2: Also the engine acted great, so I guess the fuel filters was the big problem. Love THOSE BIG problems. I can handle them.


BlueRidge Boomer said...

You cool..?....33* up here tonight....!!!


Anonymous said...

A safe road ahead for you all and a good Thursday as well. With regard to speed limit, street signs in general, Athens isn't really the place where one would see them being noticed at all, as it seems many times, everyone does what he likes ... leaving those behaving right, looking like "out of space".

shirl72 said...

I should have read the blog first and I would
know where you were going. Remember the speed
traps through the small towns to get us speeding going to the beach. We finally got wise and slowed down didn't want our beach trip ruined.


betty said...

that is nice they do post plenty of warnings about the speed limit changing. I do really try to drive the speed limit, but sometimes here I will literally get run over doing so, people don't know how to drive the speed limit here, LOL!

enjoy your time in Tennessee!


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I always try to stick to the speed limit as I really don't want to spend my extra cash on speeding tickets. Thankfully I've never had one and don't want one either. There sure are plenty of others to fill their coffers. It's so nice to see green trees there. Here they are all pretty bare or very brown. Evergreens are all that is left with any color. We've had several hard frosts and that does it here. Have a safe trip !

Fred Alton said...

So glad you had a safe drive and that the motor settled down and worked right. Sounds like you had a great ride today. Those speed traps are rarely found now-a-days, I think, mostly thanks to the AAA.

Lucy said...

The one cop or chIEF where their is aLWAYS a big debate as to how to check to see if they are loegals. He is just out for anyone and they don't have to be mexican. I don't think I would waNT TO BE picked up there. Have a saFE TRIP home. Well home is where you hang your hat.