Sunday, November 7, 2010

This belongs with the previous post!!!!

I must relate the best story I heard today.

G.C., who had just returned from Okinawa, was attending a fellowship meeting. He was stationed at Warner-Robbins AFB, Georgia. He was late and squeezed into a pew seat on the aisle. The choir was singing an old song, “I dreamed I searched heaven For You”.

Toward the end of the song George caught movement in the aisle out of the corner of his eye. Looked and lo and behold a drunk was staggering down the aisle. Apparently three sheets in the wind and carrying a bottle in a brown paper bag.

George noticed the ushers weren’t doing anything, being a real man and a senior military guy, he stood up took the guy in a tight body lock and waltzed him back to the foyer. All the time lecturing the young man how he could not interrupt the service like that, if he wanted prayer George would be glad to pray with him, etc. In the foyer the kid whispered to him.

“What did you just say?” asked George.

“Sir, I am part of the program, they are searching heaven for me!”

George didn’t know what else to say but, “Go ahead son, you are doing a fine job!”

This actually happened, I would have given a lot to have seen George at that time. He is a great guy, now retired and old, he sings bass with a well known gospel singing group.

George is a great guy, I had to get this in, Blogger would not let me do it on the other post. Thanks for you patience.