Wednesday, November 24, 2010

What is your Morning ritual?


My girl goes directly to the obits (using the net) in all the local papers most every morning. It is a ritual. Then she checks the bank to see ‘What Else Jack has ordered!’ Then she reads Blogs, checks out face book, and then goes to the hiking journals.

I generally go directly to my e-mails, answer all the important ones, you know the ones from a congressman or the president who need some advice. Then I make sure I check our investments to see how they are doing. (I forgot, we don’t have any investments, so skip that). I read any comments on the blog. I check the Amazon sales of my books (sometimes I actually sell one), I have collected as high as 7.76 in royalties. (LOL).

BUT TODAY I went to the local obituaries. To be honest I didn’t know anyone. Sherry commented she knew ‘of’ one of the men who had died. But As I looked at the faces there were some young, some old, and some old with young pictures. (However there were no young with old pictures, just to clarify that.) That is an option only the old have. Facts IS facts.

As I looked at the faces I thought, one day a face on there will be mine. Sherry will decide whether to use the young marine or the old Salt she last slept with.

altScanoldpic8 042 - Copy (2)

Either way, the face shown will have no problems. He will not have one ache or pain. That guy will not have to worry about family troubles anymore. He will not worry if the crack in the windshield is gonna spread. He will not worry about noises other people hear that he does not. That guy in the picture won’t have to be concerned if he heard and understood something correctly. AS A MATTER OF FACT WHEN MY PICTURE IS SEEN IN THE OBITS, THE ONLY FOLKS WITH TROUBLE AND SORROWs, IS THE FAMILY. Because ‘I IS GONE’, along with all MY self generated stress.


At one time I was a pretty religious person. Some of you know I was even considered a preacher at one time. So yes, I still believe in heaven. So if my belief is right, I will be one happy dude living somewhere with the good guys that went before, I can’t name them all but naturally, family. But Sonny who has beaten me there is worried I am taking so long, he might think I didn’t make it.

Do I have to worry about there being no heaven? NO I DON’T. If there is no ‘after life’, I will still be gone from here and that picture in the obits will be only a memory for awhile for the folks that are left.

Someone will say over breakfast, “Honey, Jack Darnell died yesterday. HE SURE WAS A GREAT GUY! I NEVER KNEW A BETTER MAN. He was honest, good looking, understanding, intelligent, I thought he was going to live forever. I bet the world falls apart now.”

(Okay maybe they won’t say understanding, LOL)

Thanks for coming by the log.

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Jimmy's Journal said...

Excellent (and funny) post Jack. I'd use both pictures but don't use them for a while. I like reading about your and Sherry's antics and adventures.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Melanie said...

you guys are on face book! look me up!!


easier looking it up by my other screenname


Anonymous said...

How thoughtful an entry.

For the past three years I usually check the bed of me small son and after being able to open eyes fully lift him up, asking how he did sleep and what he dreamed about. Seems I've done that often enough, that he learned the same answer every morning - feels great. Please have you all a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Fred Alton said...

I always head straight to the kitchen where I swallow down 8 pills (mostly vitamins) The one prescription I'm on is one baby aspirin a day...☺
Take all of those with orange juice, then make a cup of instant coffee. Then, with coffee in hand head for the computer where my first task is to read 5 chapters (sometimes more) per day. I'm down to 2 Kings going through the second time this year. Then, check e-mails, read a few blogs, but NEVER check the obits. If I'm dead I don't want to know it. Ha.

shirl72 said...

I go to the Kitchen get my coffee and sit in my
lounge chair and watch the news and weather.
Then decide what is on my agenda for the day.

Because I wear many rings they will put on
my stone "Here Lies Shirl's Rock.


Dar said...

I never realized I was a ' ritual' person until just these past few years. When I wake, I thank God for introducing me to another day as I look out my window to determine the weather. If it looks bad, we talk longer. I fix my side of the bed before Bill's alarm goes off for the 3rd time. After bathroom and toothbrush duty, Bill's breakfast is being made, his lunchpail packed for his day at the papermill, then we have coffee, talk some about my plans for the day, watch the news and weather, neither of which we can do a thing about, kiss the ol' boy on his way out the door and back to fix his side of the bed. Every morning, no matter what, except for Sat. when he lets me sleep in, he makes our breakfast and his coffee wakes me. I realize I have a darned good life with my love.
BlessYourHearts and Happy T-Day

Oh, how I love what the young man does with his son each morning...he reminds me of our kids and their children...beautiful...God Blesses Them Too

betty said...

very interesting post today, Jack. We do have our morning routines don't we? And most of them include getting onto the computer and checking our emails :)

I used to always read the obits when we got the paper, even if I didn't know anyone who had died. It was always interesting to read about them, what they had done, who they left behind, etc. I think (seriously) everyone should write their own obit before they die to include what they want in it since often at the time of grief, families sometimes forget "key" things. Because I believe in Jesus, I know I'll be in heaven, looking forward to that day indeed!

In the meantime, I hope you and Sherry have a very Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow!


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I'm online every morning and it has become a ritual. Here I sit with my good cup of hot coffee and am counting my blessings again. I'm up and everything is still working so it will be a great day. I hope you all enjoy your Thanksgiving Day! What a gift it is to celebrate another day.

Rose said...

Happy Thanksgiving to my favorite couple!

Hugs, Rose

P.S. I love both pictures!