Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Rainbow Springs State Park (We moved)

Moving, we are headed to Rainbow Springs State Park near the West Coast of Florida. Not a very long drive but a new place for us. As my daddy used to say, this will be a new wrinkle in our horn.

So it is mid-day and we are moved and set up. Lovely park (aren’t they all?) and we haven’t had a chance to see most of it of course. The trip was uneventful, a good ride. We just put the boat on top of the car to haul it over here.


Just to prove we did go out once in the boat here is a picture the ‘Guys’ took of us while they passed us in their canoe. Yeah, we are slow. They sent it to us via e-mail. They are from New Haven, Conn, down for the winter touring the Florida State Parks and doing a lot of canoeing. Their trip is in a nice van. That is also a fun thing to travel and sleep in, a van with a raised roof. I am sure they are still enjoying themselves. They were missing the grand kids.



(Sherry and that little girl today! Nope they don’t ride bikes together now)

Little girl was riding bicycles with her grandma around a park.

Grandma says, “Reece you won’t want to do this with me in ten years, you will out grow Grandpa and me!”

Reece, “That’s okay Grandma, in ten years you will be too old to ride a bicycle anyway!”

(Wisdon of the youth)

Friend Al Dougherty was telling one of his Grand daughters that when he got old she would not want to hang around with him.

Grand Daughter says, “But Grandpa, you ARE OLD.”

Kids are too smart sometime!! Hahahaha

Have a great day, we are gonna check out the park, then come back and smooch!

Good day Shipslog



One of the greatest labor saving devices of today.


HenryJ or willys

Is this a Henry J or a Willys? I need to check be back…

It is a 1952 Henry J by The Kaiser-Frazer Corporation

Named after the president of the Corp. (over 30 mpg)



Y said...

I won't even ask if all that smooching is for real or is really in your mind.

shirl72 said...

Good picture of you two in the boat. I hope
you get to fish more. It is very warm here the winter has been strange cold then warm. If it stays this warm you could come home. HEE HEE HEE.


Jean said...

Great picture of you and Sherry. A few years ago we were keeping one of our two year old g-grandsons a few days a week for his mom to go to school and right off he called Grover pa-pa and he would say you are my old-old-old pa-pa. He is so cute I think he is eight now. Take care.

~mel said...

What a great pic of the sailor man and his little woman! I just love that Porta Boat ... next time you visit me or vice versa we need to take that baby for a spin!

Fred Alton said...

Man! I love the looks of your boat. You should be able to sneak up into any "corner" of the lake where there is a lily pad or two, drop a worm on a hook into the water, and come out with a nice "mess" of fish!

At first glance I just knew that the car was a Studebaker. Oh well. So much for my knowledge of cars, eh?

Have fun way down south! It only got up to 63 here today...second day in a row for that. Prettiest week we've had in quite some time.

Dar said...

I LOVE that picture...of the two of you. Very cool ride too, the boat, and the cars.
I'm sure you are enjoying your jaunt around the new park, making memories and smoochin'.

Paula said...

Have fun at your new home. I think your life style must be good for you two as you don't seen to have doctor appointments and tests and rolling the pills like we do.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Have a great day checking out the new place. They say we'll be upper 50's here. It may just look like a new place around hear when more of that snow melts. I can see grass now at the edges but in the middle it looks like a foot or more of snow left.