Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Blogs and SPAM

mornings are rough

I have been hit with a great number of spams and it is increasing. These spams contain addresses.  I did get to a couple and asked that they contact ‘who ever’ and stop flooding my site.  I know that is a joke, but I had to try. I am assuming if I have  embedded tracking cookies and they have already sent my address back to the ‘hack’ so that is too late however I am going in and delete cookies if I can remember how. LOL

unknown1781417 - Copy


I have some web sites that says I must allow cookies. So I go to ‘delete’ cookies and it says, if you delete cookies some web pages may not work properly. OKAY? so what do you do? So I deleted them. Of course I will forget what I did do, and when something does not work right, I will just say a bad word, I guess. LOL

I have always wanted an open blog. Any comments were left, good or bad. Sometimes even a negative (or nasty) comment can teach you something.

I am blogging because I enjoy it and it gives me an outlet. At one time I did not need an outlet, I was busy putting ‘ kids programs’ together, or looking at house plans. At times I found I could do more, the busier I was. I remember something my dad once said, “If you need something done, give it to one of the busiest people you have, but be careful with that simple advice, and do not over load the guy/gal.”

I have at times been a multi-tasker but no matter what the tasks, I ‘prefer’ to follow one thing thru to the end before starting another.


(What do you think of this idea for the latest book cover. The lower cover will have the couple as silhouettes.  If I can photoshop it I want the silhouettes on the sunset, since it is a senior romance. These are my first shots at it.)

cover 1

My latest hobby is  books. On an author’s forum yesterday one of the leading authors stated, “Writing a book is the hardest thing you will ever do. It takes more out of you than any physical labor.” 

So I says to myself, I must not be a writer, because it is one of the most fun things I have done. I wrestle English,  the tense of verbs and their usage, etc but that is due to ignorance. Mrs. BK, who is proofing, takes care of that. So I says to myself, ‘this guy has never raised 40 foot trusses by himself and he definitely hasn’t carried 70# bundles of shingles up a ladder to the roof all day.’ LOL

I’ve griped and not styed on subject, Quote Paula Dean, “I do that because I can.”  Just kidding

Nite Shipslog


YOU are a problem solver, or  YOU would not be here today.



This strikes me as one of the scattered desert stations, that look so welcoming.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Now I don't know how to delete cookies but I'm guessing I need to find out. I do have an option to delete the cache, so maybe that does the trick. I did the block anonymous comments and it seems to be working with the spam though I've only gotten one so far that wanted to refer their site and I deleted it. I still put the moderate comments in before they are published though. I like the cover with the sunset. Just read a quote on my calendar today that says reading is a means of thinking with another person's mind. It forces you to stretch your own. Not that it says anything about writing a book, but I'm thinking that you must have to stretch your mind a little when writing too. We're still in the single digits today. Glad you have it a little warmer there.

Chatty Crone said...

Jack are you talking about spam on your blog or with your email? I am getting a ton of spam on my email, by people I know, but it's not really them. You ever get things like that?

I like the book cover with the two people on it better than the one that doesn't have anybody on it - it plays up my imagination more.

I think it's great that you have someone there who can edit for you and you don't have to worry about the tenses and things like that. That's the hard part writing a book for me. I'm not really up on things like that.

Can't wait to read your new book Jack. Have a good one. Sandie

Jackie said...

Silhouetting the couple and using the sunset as a background will be lovely.
Glad that you have have a proof reader. I need one when I use my cell phone keyboard...those itty bitty keys and my old eyesight make for a lot of errors.
Hugs and smiles,

~mel said...

Jack ~ if you're getting spam on your comments ~ just go into your dashboard and under your comments check them off as spam. Then if they try leaving anymore they'll automatically go to the spam folder.

As for the book cover ~ you two love birds in the sunset ... priceless:)

Paula said...

I like that cover for your book. Busy doing yard work these pretty afternoons.

betty said...

I think the silhouette of the couple with the sunset would be a great cover for the book Jack! I've noticed lots of spam this past week too. Its funny how they came up with the term spam for "junk" and we don't want and cookies to get into sites; food terms; now I'm hungry :)


shirl72 said...

Trying to comment...At& T having trouble since 7:00pm

shirl72 said...

Well finally got name changed.
Both book covers are good I like the scene It helps me not to form an openion what the book is about until it is read. Maybe the one with the couple would sell more.

We are having cold weather..Stay