Monday, January 21, 2013

I’ll never understand:

(The dogs have nothing at all to do with the entry, I just liked them)

Star watchers… Ones who live to know all about a movie star or music idol. Why would one care what they wear, what they eat or what their bed looks like?


(This is happy)

And what is it about photographers who want to get the person at the worst possible moment. I noticed someone had a picture of Goldie Hawn without make-up to point out ‘She must have had a bad day!’

I love it when some one is able to criticize a dress  when the person criticizing may not be able to afford the buttons on the dress.


(Yeah, I’m peeing)

One of my dad’s favorite statements was: You must not be too tall, if you must pull someone else down, to make yourself look good.

I used to hear folks talk about church being a fashion show. I understand there are folks who can tell you if a lady wore the same dress twice in a row, DO THEY EXPECT THROW AWAY CLOTHES?


(I tried to tell him!)

The President could wear the same suit every day and no one would notice, would they? But you let a first lady wear the same gown to two different balls and the nasty hits the fan.

I guess it is hard for us to let folks live their lives, without trying to help them along (After all we are much smarter) 

Every contractor can tell of at least one incident of a sidewalk supervisor. One who wouldn’t know a nail from a screw, but could tell him how to build a building.

great pillow

(What a great pillow, so warm)

Now, I will have to admit (before Sherry gets on here to clarify some things) I do tell folks how to drive as we are going down the road.

I do comment on the terrible color of that house.

And every once in awhile I just might say, That traffic light is in a stupid place.

I might even say, Look at that stupid kid with his pants around his ankles.

But all in all I mind my business, don’t I?  OR Am I the pot, calling the kettle black?  Yeah, probably

Nite Shipslog


Keep your words soft and sweet, you might have to eat them. (My daddy )



I know that is a ‘57 Chevy, that is an Olds at the other pump. WOW 5lbs of sugar with fill-up + Blue chip stamps…


Jackie said...

I am beginning to believe that we must be related...same thought processing goes on.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It is very hard not to criticize some of the things people do or what they wear. I love the cute doggie pictures that do go along with your post today. I'm thinking they don't care at all what they wear and are probably happiest when they smell bad too. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder they say. I do like that saying about being careful what you say...I have had to eat some of my words and they didn't taste very good at all.

Anonymous said...

Yes, photographers are a strange kind of folk ;)

Please have you all a good Tuesday ahead.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Fred Alton said...

Hey Jack! Loved those dog pictures today...also I caught up with reading the log and want you to know you've still got at least one friend in Tennessee! I think we're more like brothers and I certainly understand most of the things you write about. 'Cept of course - those big ol words you sometimes use! ☺ Wil and I worked most of the day today removing Frances' old dishwasher and installing her new one. Man! Much more work than I had anticipated. Thought about the day you and Gordon helped me with some plumbing at the Cabin. Good memories.

betty said...

Too cute with the dog and the little one using him as a pillow. I think we all tend to want to judge others, what they wear, who they are hanging out with, how much money they have, etc. That's why I'm glad God looks at the condition of the heart much more than the outer layers we display :)


Anonymous said...

(before Sherry gets on here to clarify some things) <<ha ha ha. She keeps you honest.

Louis la Vache said...

Yes - the Oldsmobile is a '56. That's a '57 Ford truck with a '52 Chrysler in the background.

Chatty Crone said...

Well maybe you're just a little of the pot calling the kettle black. You have your things that bother you and others have things that bother them Jack. But I more agree with you been watching stars.