Tuesday, January 15, 2013


It is no secret we have good friends in Okeechobee.  Gary and Anna Mae used to always come to Okee in the winter, but they have had too much going on with doctors and such, and didn’t make it. We happen to be staying closer than ever and had hoped to see them, well, for sure next year.


(Holly, David Luke, Glenda and me the fish on a line,  lol)

We make it to South Florida about twice each winter. We eat at Aunt Nee’s, Glenda or David Luke’s.  So this time I told them no home cooking we want to take you guys to lunch. So we did. They picked the Cow Town Cafe. We had a great time after lunch the girls were cleaning the table. I asked if they were trying to get the waitress’s tip. They laughed.

BD cake

I am sitting there fat, dumb and happy waiting for the check, when out comes the waitress carrying that beautiful cake, also the cook and dishwasher and everyone starts singing happy birthday!

OKEECHOBEE COWBOY CHURCH 074surprise bd party 3

See how magically David Luke made that age correction!


Now, this one WAS A SURPRISE! I was flabbergasted, Holly, who had baked the cake handed me a knife to cut the cake and I murdered it I was so excited.  That was so very sweet of Glenda and David Luke. Especially sweet of Holly who baked the cake and it was a beautiful cake, a work of art, with pecan halves surrounding the pineapple slices. It was as delicious as it looked.


Amazing, birthday was the furthest thing from my mind. This was one that was pulled off as slick as grease!

Thanks to the guys down Okeechobee way, that was so sweet. (And special).

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PS: Jan. 14, 1903 was my daddy’s Birthday, had he lived he would be 110 yrs old. I will always miss him. (Even thought Shirl was the pet!) Shirl sorta looked after dad in his last years, I know she misses him.



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I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Happy Birthday Jack! I'm glad they were able to give you a little surprise there! Nice Candles!

Glenda said...

We "gotcha"...You're the guy who always has something up his sleeve, HA HA. what fun!!!

Lucy said...

Your cake puts the one I bought Joe to shame and your cake is mouthwatering good.

Jackie said...

What a great surprise...wonderful surprise!!
That pineapple cake looked sooooo good. My mouth watered immediately when I saw it.
Happy birthday to you, my friend.
You are a magnificent 74 (or 47...it's only a number!) :))

Anonymous said...

Many Happy Birthday wishes from Athens, Greece. Wishing you everything thinkable good.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! 47 ain't so bad. The cake looks delicious.

betty said...

Happy birthday Jack! I like how they surprised you! The cake looks delicious!!!


Paula said...

Happy birthday, well I mean I'm glad you had a nice birthday with that wonderful looking cake. Wishing you many many more.

Chatty Crone said...

I didn't know it was your birthday!!!
Happy Birthday to you! And many more. Sandie

Dar said...

Well, Happy Birthday Young Man. Aren't surprises the best. A sweet looking Pineapple Upside-Down Cake for a sweet Right-Side Up Guy.
And Many Many More...