Friday, May 3, 2013

A practice set up

Many times in my life I have ‘Flown by the seat of my pants’. Or learned to improvise at the last minute.  This time I want to have things about right so I tried a set up here in the driveway.

garibaldi booth 001

We are going to do a $50 giveaway and a complete set of my books.

garibaldi booth 002

We will let the winner pick between the books and $50.  The the reminder becomes the second prize.

garibaldi booth 003

Wanna wager which the winner will pick?  Ha, the money of course, but I don’t mind, I would do the same, then turn around and buy the newest book.

Of course I don’t expect them to do that. It is all for fun and promotion of the Festival.

I read some where that flags sell, so I added 6-8 flags. LOL

Thanks for stopping by, tomorrow is the festival. The weather fore cast is iffy, 30% chance of rain and temps in the 60’s. Normally the temp would be in the 70-80 range.

Chatty is doing a give-away for the book, “FINALLY LOVE’ at her site:

Stop by an let her know if you would like to be in the drawing.

The give away is strictly a volunteer thing, but I certainly appreciate it. A new book needs all the publicity it can get.

Thanks for stopping by the log

Nite Shipslog


This is a busy time, funny how you can get a lot done when you are very busy. Thank goodness this is a short spurt, and we will be back to the retirees was ARE!


Future Infinity LE concept  wireless elec charging 

The Infinity. It will feature ‘wireless’ charging. This is a feature I have many times dreamed of, transmitting power like we do sound waves.


Once a futuristic car, the Tucker. And until Louis mentioned it, I never thought of the Stud front and the Tucker front ends. Around 1948 I believe.



Your setup for the festival looks nice. I'm sure lots of people will enter the giveaway. Although I would have just offered the set of books and not the money as the prize.

Chatty Crone said...

Come on and join in this giveaway - the book is great. And you do not have to follow my blog - let's support JACK! sandie

Anonymous said...

your sign turned out great...a "preview" is always a good idea! have a fun day!!! going over to check out the Chatty Crone!

Anonymous said...

I do love the sign & I hope the festival is a great success.~Mary

Anonymous said...

And I'd really love it if they picked the books instead of the money...

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

The sign looks great. Hope the weather stays nice for you!

Jackie said...

Great thinking!...and a great use you made for the sign. Go Jack!
I can't wait to read about how it goes. Looking forward to my return here.
I have your book; I haven't read it yet (Grandchildren, grandchildren, grandchildren...not complaining because I love all four of them!)

Paula said...

Wishing you the best of luck. I think You all will have fun meeting new people and renewing friendships. Everything looks great.

shirl72 said...

Sign looks great..You are an artist. Hope the rain holds off. I thought the same about the car it has a 50's Studebaker front. I never likes the bullet nose..

Hoping for fun and good time

Dar said...

It looks good to me! And ~ I just know you're going to be a hit. Your book is on my bucket list for sure.
You have a great time now and don't eat all the candy.

Woody said...

Good Looking Spot, really like that Blue Flag with the white circle with the Eagle in it, good luck !!
Take care;

Anonymous said...

This weather seems unusually cool and cloudy for May. But your booth will be a ray a sunshine. Hope you have a little media coverage for the $50 giveaway.
The booth set-up looks good!