Monday, May 20, 2013

Being where History was made.

WE have traveled because there were things we WANTED to see, places of repute to see some area of fame or History.

WE made it to:  Tombstone, Cochise’s Stronghold, Deadwood, DeSmet (SD),


(Ma and Pa Ingalls, DeSmet re:Little House on The Prairie)

The Corn Palace, the Bad Lands, Cape Cod, Plymouth Rock, The Liberty Bell, Niagara Falls, Mt. Rushmore, Yellowstone, Crazy Horse, STURGES Laughing out loud, Devil’s Tower, Lake Louisa, Dawson Creek, Chicken, Fairbanks, Tok, The Pecos, Grand Canyon, Pike’s Peak, The Kenai, Las Vegas, Key West, Fisherman’s Warf, Hollywood, Nawlins, The Alamo, The Golden Gate Bridge, The Rockies, The Canadian Rockies, Hoover Dam, and so many more I can’t remember.

Most places were intentional, but some of the most fascinating were the ones we hit accidentally. Just west of San Antonio we found Bandera (Cowboy Capitol of the World), there was also a neat, small museum.

Then on the way to the Chiricahua Monument we drove through Willcox, AZ. Lo and behold the name Rex Allen popped up. So, a must-see was the Rex Allen Museum. I liked Rex and in reality he was one of the few Cowboy stars who was a cowboy. Did you know at one time he sang with the Sons of the Pioneers? Yep.

Once we volunteered for a job to repair  a  church in LaPanto, AR. Driving into the small town we saw a sign, ‘Home of the Painted House’. Readers know John Grisham, he is from Arkansas, well Lapanto is where the movie of his book was filmed. We got a personal tour of the house and the story.  We also got to see Johnny Cash’s home that was near by.  I love these surprises.

This week while driving around we passed a marker:

marker squire boone

Squire & Sarah Boone, parents of Daniel, are buried here in Mocksville, NC. I love being in an area of History. Doing little research I learn: Daniel was #6 of 11 children born into the Quaker Family.

Actual sandstone  markers

(An attempt to preserve the sandstone markers)

Squire moved his family from Pennsylvania to the banks of the Yadkin River partly because his family had been excommunicated from the Quakers because his eldest sons married non-Quakers.  The Boones returned north because the dangers of Indian wars, later returned.

As an adult, Daniel was captured by the Shawnee and adopted into the tribe, he lived with them a while. I was honestly surprised to learn that Daniel lived to be 86 (17341820). Now if you  take a look at HIS DASH, there was a lot of living and adventure in between the birth and the death.  Daniel died in Missouri, was buried in Frankfort, Kentucky beside his love, Rebecca.

It is fun to know we are on the banks of the Yadkin, the area Daniel hunted and lived. I like that.

Nite Shipslog


No matter where you are, someone famous or well known who made history, has been there.(Imma looking for Daniel’s ghost tonight!)


Also a part of History

1960 Desota Fire flyte

1960 Desota

1960 dodge polara

1960 Dodge Polara


Chatty Crone said...

Jack you have a mighty fine dash too. Let me tell you. And I loved the Ingalls, Daniel Boone, I guess history in general. You know it is much more interesting now when I chose to learn it then when i was in school and had to learn it.


shirl72 said...

You sure have seen some exciting
places. You also saw different
things on the Appalatchian Trail.

Like the cars..I love my 59 Dodge
I drove for 10 years.

You have seen the world.

Paula said...

I've been to a few of the places you mentioned. Did you are Sherry keep a journal as you went?

Anonymous said...

That Pa Ingalls looked considerably taller than Michael Landon, who sort of looked like a little bantam rooster. ~Mary


Interesting history indeed.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I do love history and enjoy your stories about the things and places you've seen. I've never been able to travel much but do read a lot. It's getting hot and sultry here in Ohio. Supposed to be close to 90 today but some rain coming our way will cool it off by the weekend.

Lucy said...

Looking at the picture you got , that is a different looking tomb stone. I guess it would be an interesting way of preserving it. I kind of hate to think of Memorial day coming. Our car is not in the best of shape and if my back doesn't improve I won't be able to go any where. We like to look at some of the old stones but if it is hot, Joe will go but I stay on the hot car.

Louis la Vache said...

The '60 MoPars still look good to «Louis»!

With the exception of the Imperial, all the '60 MoPars had unitized bodies. The Imperial continued with the body-on-frame construction.