Friday, May 10, 2013

Things you just do not hear anymore…

At a forum I drop in on, someone mentioned a phrase he had not heard in a long time, Book satchel.  I remember that,it is what we carried our school books in.

The word ‘Cool’ is about outdated. 

I still put our milk back in the ‘Ice Box’ at times.

Early in my childhood, we had a ‘Slop Bucket’ and a ‘Slop Jar’. Some of you had class, so you probably had a ‘Chamber’ vs the ‘slop jar’.

The Slop bucket was for table scraps and dishwater, for the hog. If you didn’t have a hog the neighbor did and would collect it almost daily.

The Slop Jar was taken out to the outhouse and the night’s deposits dumped. My mama unashamedly said they had a ‘pissery’ instead of an ‘out-house’, at their house, they were classy.

Car related? you  never hear Fluid drive, Dyna-flow, or hydromatic, and Carburetor is out, methinks.

Roll up the windows.

I know some folk still use ‘Lard’ ‘cause I saw some in a store awhile back.  ‘Knickers’, I never liked them. Me ’n Paula still say ‘Tennis Shoes’.

So What have I missed?

Thanks for coming by the log.

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I read on a blog the other day: If everyone’s troubles were piled in separate piles on a big field, we would grab ours back when we saw everyone else’s problems.



Just for sheer antique beauty alone.. The Delahaye top a 1939 lower a 1949. A French production.



I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I still wear tennis shoes too...I'm not sure what the new word is for them. Hope you all are having a Fantastic Friday!

Paula said...

We had a chamber but we sure were not classy. We also had the slop bucket until we moved to town and had electric lights. My sister and I almost had a "knock down drag out" each wanting to be the one to pull the string at night to cut the light off.


I still call sneakers TENNIS SHOES too. enjoyed the rest of the post.

Glenda said...

How about "britches" when you mean pants or "overhauls"? Love this one!!!

jack69 said...

Speaking of Britches, I remember when I wore drawers and my sister wore 'STEP-INS'.

shirl72 said...

Jack you need to take a picture
of my 18 century potty that the
rich people used. It has a door
that you open and when the top is down it looks like a seat.

Life has changed I still love the
simple times.

Anonymous said...

we pretty much used all those terms when I was a kid...the pig type slops went on the compost...except during the time we had the pig :D yeah I've kind a noticed that young people (60 and younger) look at me kind of weird when I use the word "cool"...the substitute "kewel" was popular a while back, it's no longer kewel to use either kewel or cool :D :D :D I like both of those cars...beautiful...was wondering how much they each weigh!!!

Anonymous said...

What about *clockwise*? Think about it--kids these days only know how to read a digital clock.


Dar said...

even not so old dial phones...the grandloves have no clue...but they do like to play with them. And a Cookoo Clock, they cannot figure them out either. How about a butter churn or a cream separator. I have one and know how to use it as well as the ice box. An oil lamp, the oldies, petal cars, the outhouse I remember not liking. Loved our first flusher. The water Pump~isn't that where all water comes from? or the Still ;)
Great stuff Jack

Louis la Vache said...

You are so right, Jack! We never hear those anymore - and we date ourselves when we hear them and know what they mean!

The photos of the Delahayes were taken at Pebble Beach. «Louis» has several photos of the blue one. Those body designs were by Saoutchik.

Lucy said...

We had all of those COOL THINGS YOU WERE TAlking about. I was 16 and still going to the outhouse. Moved to town and had indoor all, got married first Job for hubby still involved an outhouse. Great for a teacher.

Anonymous said...

A laughed sort of hysterically when an older friend got mad & said: That really butters my biscuit.

I'm sure that phrase is mostly out of use. ~Mary

Mevely317 said...

Fun share, Jack! Regardless of brand, any canvas pair of shoes in my house were "Keds."
... and I still smile when listening to the AM traffic dude saying the I-10 "looks swell."

Chatty Crone said...

Jim - I have heard of most of those words! And I still use a couple - like ice box. Hope you all had a great weekend. sandie