Wednesday, May 1, 2013

We don’t seem to have time to visit

I was in the process of trying to decide the type of wiring I needed on the Fit, to have it ready to tow. I was on the computer researching how to get the wire inside the car from underneath, when I saw a car pull into the drive. My first thought was I don’t have time for visitors.

It was my former neighbor and Shirl’s present neighbor, Jim Arp. He came in and we sat. He said I know I am supposed to call ahead now, not just drop in. Sherry was getting chicken ready for me to pressure cook for her great Chicken A La King. Jim was fascinated by our pictures as they cycle thru, most folks are.  We talked. And I put the chicken on to pressure.

We passed the time, Jim has a book he wants to publish, and was asking about my publishing. He has published one book on Hank Williams.  Jim is one of the forgotten (rock & roll) heroes of the ‘50’s and 60’s. He was very famous in his time, but is now sort of a recluse. He is about my age, and has had a very colorful life.

Jim center with delrays

He played with some to bigger Rock and Roll groups. he was lead singer of the Del Rays in Florida.

Jim Arp and Barbara Wills

He was the male lead in a couple movies.

I mentioned to him that we spent some time where he toured, in NY. I told about dropping in accidently on BJ Thomas and Billie Joe Royal at at county fair and a girl asking Sherry, “Are there guys supposed to be somebody?”

Jim used to run with Billie Joe and has no use for him at all. He told a lot of personal stuff between the two.

His favorite was Eddie Arnold. Eddie was Jims guest on the Radio when Jim was DJ around here. It was a plus for him to be able to pull that big a string.

Anyway, we enjoyed Jim’s visit, and I began to wonder, why don’t we have time anymore? You would never take Jim for having been out of Belmont, but he is really a great guy, but as I said, ‘a reclusive person’, to have been so out going in his life..

I met Jim Thru his cousin Doug Bryant, one of the best men in business in this area. He worked as a manager and purchasing agent for Stanley Lumber, formerly Belmont Lumber. When I gave Doug a materials list for a house, I KNEW it would be on time and accurate at a good price. Good blood in that family.

Jim was a year behind me in school. He was known as ‘Little Lonely’.

jimmemyersgirljim rock around the clock

Jim is in the ‘RockaBilly’ Hall of fame. I have a lot more to say about JIM, but it will be later.

Nite Shipslog


We have no idea where our lives will take us, we are just along for the ride.


Future VW Nils concept alum elec

The Volkswagen futuristic alum. elec. car.


AND in the past, the ‘47 Fleetline Woody!


Anonymous said...

I think a popular phrase is "living with margins." In other words, a margin is "the space between us and our limits." If we planned for larger margins, we might have time for spontaneous visits.
Maybe we could visit more if we could jump in and help with whatever it is the person is doing when we drop in. I always tell my neighbor to keep weeding while I chatter. I don't want her to stop on my account.
Jim sounds like an interesting guy. I read about a guy kinda like that in a book somewhere.


Paula said...

An interesting post. You sure know a lot of people. Gosh I feel honored that you and Sherry read my country stuff. I liked the days when people just dropped in. Now everything has to be so formal.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

How nice to have visitors like that. I don't think people do as much visiting as they used to. I miss it .

Louis la Vache said...

Fascinating post, Jack!

No surprise here: «Louis» likes the '47 Chevy better than the futuristic VW!


Jim sounds like a fascinating character. His life is probably worth a book. Whatever happened to your car project???

Anonymous said...

I'll bet you can tell I'm not the type who likes anyone dropping in...but he does sound worth it.

Chatty Crone said...

Life has changed for every one. Families used to live on the same block and be so tied together and now families are every where and well that is part of life too...sandie