Saturday, May 25, 2013

Ingrid Loyau-Kennett

What a woman!  What a person! She got off a safe bus, ran to an injured man whom she realized  was obviously dead, checked him to be sure.  Then talked to his killers in a calm voice as one terrorist held a gun and a knife, the other a knife or clever.


My hat is off to this lady. In a culture where we  do not want to get involved, this lady is a breath of fresh air, did she get involved? YES she did and heroically so.

I have read comments from around the world. some say she is brave many say she was crazy, crazy because they, like most of us, would have stayed on the bus.

Well for what ever reason, in my eyes that lady is VERY BRAVE. She has my admiration, that is for sure.

Now, my question is ‘How important are you?’  My dad had a simple answer to that for me. I once said , ‘Dad, you are one of the best men in the world. I have never seen anyone who could inspire people to reach and achieve, as you can.’ My Dad could inspire people.

My dad was an honored man within his city, state and church. To explain his philosophy once, he said, “Son, if you ever think you are important. Fill a bucket of water. Then put your hand in it for a minute until it settles. Then take it out. The bucket is the world, the water is life or humanity. Did your being in the bucket make a noticeable difference?”

“Such is life, while here you mingle and feel the world, but when you are gone? The World will continue on, as if you or I were never here. Sure the family and some friends will think of you fondly, but the world as a whole will never know you existed. For that notoriety you must be a president, king, or an Einstein.”

My dad, born in 1903, had a 3rd grade education. He worked to educate himself when he realized education was important. I have known and worked with many men who held doctorates, but none I have known, had the ability nor knew what my dad did.

Ingrid, will be remembered, but not as long as the men and the cause they so zealously  ascribed to.

I hope to God, that we have Americans who will stand as Ingrid did as these acts of terror visit our shores, here in the USA.

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In my heart I wish someone with a weapon had killed these men as they attacked  an unarmed  honorable soldier. One who thought he was safe in his own country and doing his duty he saw it.


bentley 1952 Mark VI

Speaking of the UK, 1952 Bentley


Woody said...

Jack, I agree with you, those guys should have been better shots!!!!!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Yes, she was certainly brave and courageous. We may not all show that kind of bravery, but I think one small act of kindness done by many can make a difference. I am remembering all our brave men and women this weekend as they so proudly serve our country. Past present and future. We started out the morning at 35 degrees today but are warming up now into the 60;s.Hope you all have a super Saturday!

Anonymous said...

Whatever Ingrid is, I wish we all were more of it.

Paula said...

Your Dad must have been a fine man. Always interesting to read about him and your Mom. It's flooding in San Antonio today.


A brave soul for sure. Loved your father's analogy.

Chatty Crone said...

I did not hear of this story. It sounds amazing. I have mixed feelings. I mean she is brave and she did a great and wonderful and heroic thing - but what if she got killed in the process? I mean what if she left kids or something. I have no idea what I would do. I hope I would help.

Your dad sounded just wonderful!!!


Rose said...

I knew all along your Dad had to be a wonderful man because he created YOU!

I saw that story on TV about that very brave woman and my first thought was those awful men could easily have killed her.

Hugs, to my favorite couple!

Fred Alton said...

Incidents like these are why I believe in our right to keep and bear arms. If it had been some of my friends doing the confronting they would have been carrying a large bore handgun with "full stopping power" (hollow point) ammo. If Jesus had been there he would most likely have cast the demons out of the criminal? Hmmmm.