Saturday, May 4, 2013

GaribaldiFest a cool time..

Both in temperature and a great time all round. We were scheduled to enter the park at 9am. I packed the little FIT with everything we needed except the candy bowls and a set of books Shirl had prepared. We had time to go get breakfast and coffee. We were there on time and set up pretty quickly.  It was cool (Sherry said COLD) and a little windy. It would have been impossible with out Sherry and Shirl, were great. Sherry took care of the money and Shirl with the PR & mixing. Also had a short interview with the publisher of BELMONT LIFE!
GaribaldiFest 001GaribaldiFest 003]
Not quite 11am and the streets were deserted.
GaribaldiFest 004
Sherry and Shirl below wrapped up from the cold.
GaribaldiFest 005
Reba and the Fest crew also wrapped up.
GaribaldiFest 008
But it wasn’t long until the crowds picked up.
GaribaldiFest 025GaribaldiFest 040
Dianne’s Funnel Cakes were beside us and they were good.
GaribaldiFest 026
We did see some old friends, Grand kids, and one Great Grandkid (Stella and her cousin dropped by)
GaribaldiFest 020GaribaldiFest 031
I had a very special visit, from Anderson, SC. A couple I know well were in town and wanted to pick up some books.  Steve and Linda Thompson. I performed the marriage ceremony for this couple  46 years ago, back when I thought I was a preacher. They both declare all the kids and grand kids are my fault!
GaribaldiFest 015
Our Dear friend Ann Brown and their aunt, holding one of my books.
And of course the music by the Twins, Steve and Josh.
GaribaldiFest 034GaribaldiFest 035
And this sweetheart was dancing in front to the key board.
GaribaldiFest 044
Yes we sold a few books, more than I expected. the twins sold some CD’s. the weather warmed up for the drawing and as I expected, the money went first. I gave one little girl a “Toby’s Tales”, who was disappointed that she did not win at the drawing, She turned and yelled I got a book and kissed it.  Some things just make you feel good.
GaribaldiFest 022
Grandson Luke’s HS Prom was tonight. His dad was letting him drive the Hummer. He came down to the Fest, a little down. Sherry told me he had locked the only set of keys in the Hummer. I know he hated to tell me, because I was so ‘BUSY’.  Ha, Never too busy to help a kid this good. Sherry and Shirl held the fort whilst we went home and fortunately I was able to get him in quickly and he drove me back to the Fest.
Below, Luke and his date Lauren. Heading out for dinner and the Prom.
GaribaldiFest 047
We knew the Fest was not about selling books, but the exposure. many who past did not know there was a local writer. I was surprised at the number of books we sold, It is hard to say how many but we were less 30-40 books when packing. I had one large empty box.  Of course I gave some away, it is hard not to.
It was a fantastic day that ended with dinner with friends, then strawberry short cake at the Funderburk Farm, with Don and Evelyn. DELICIOUS!
Thanks for being here,
NIte Shipslog
Time does pass when you are having fun.
1939 Lasalle Convertible Coupe
We started off our day seeing a 1939 Lasalle coupe like the above except it was a hard top. I grabbed my camera and hid the Go button and it said ‘no storage avail’.  Jack had not replaced the memory card. So back home to get the card.


Paula said...

You must have been a preacher, the marriage lasted. Glad you had fun and the fest was a success.

Chatty Crone said...

What a great day!!!!!!!!! Looks like a lot of good things happened there. You are like me - I like to give things a way too - it is hard not to. Glad you stayed. sandie

shirl72 said...

What a good time and I am a little
tired. I was surprised what a good crowd. Talked to so many
people. Twins were good and what
a crowd when they were singing.
Good time had by all.......

Anonymous said...

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Louis la Vache said...

«Louis» is pleased to read you got some good exposure for your books and that you sold more than you expected. He will order his copy Monday.

Neat LaSalle!

Dar said...

SWEET!!!! I see you did well and I am not surprised with such great people running the joint. I would gravitate toward the tent with the flags and huge sign too. Job well done...WOW, you sold a lot of books and I'm so happy for you.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Sounds like you and yours had a great time. Glad the weather held up for you even though cool.

Rose said...

What an amazing day!

I'm half way thru reading your lovely book. I love it.


Anonymous said...

enjoyed your are great...sounds like you did well with the book selling! :D