Saturday, May 18, 2013

What a JOY, Sheila! Also the FUTURE and A NO WHEELS CAR

When I  started a Journal and had my first comment by a sweet lady who is called Lindy, I have wondered about fellows on the Net.

Our Life style is traveling, so what better thing than meet some of these wonderful friends when possible. It has been a thrill and a real JOY to meet some of you wonderful folk. Funny, as I am thinking, I start to say in my mind ‘I have met YOU, but we haven’t, it is that I feel so close to you, I feel like we have met.

Yesterday was a distinct pleasure, we had dinner with Sheila and her hubby, Rick. 

Sheila 002 - Copy

This was such a distinct pleasure, they are both wonderful folk, down to earth and understanding of my hearing problem. Sherry of course carried the weight of conversations. Also one reason this was such a ‘sweet’ meeting, if you follow Jean (Sybil) from Alabama

Sheila is Jean’s daughter.  Sheila and Rick have lived all over this country and overseas. We can relate a little about roots LOL.  Sheila and Shirl are Lucy’s thorn in the flesh, always dancing for Snow!

Again, Thanks Sheila for giving us a chance to sit and visit with such a pleasant couple.

I hate to miss someone, but so far we have met: Debbie, Terri, Ora, Jean (Sybil), Linda (BR Boomer), Dar, Mel, Shirl (my sister of course), Fred (a breath of fresh air from my past), Yvette (poet & publisher of the other Jack Darnell) ALL have been a pleasure. Of course Sweet Glenda who comments regularly.


Take a look at a levitating car in operation.  I got this from the grand kids other grandma, Joan.

I had a picture of this car on the blog a few days ago when I was featuring future cars.  This was the round car:

Future VW Hover craft

Click below to see it in operation in China:

This is neat. No emissions, I thought it was AIR  i.e. fans that kept it up, but no, now I understand it is electromagnetic forces.  So I assume (not sure) that the roads would have to be prepared for this to work, BUT IT IS AMAZING.  (I want one, at first I didn’t, but now I do!)


Thanks for coming by the LOG,

Night Shipslog


What does the future hold?  I do not think this uses  up our natural resources as fast as present vehicles.


And then there was the:

1904 Studebaker

1904 Studebaker


Cher' Shots said...

Great post Mr. Jack. Now all I have to say is that I hope "Cher" sister of Mel & Dar will be on your 'future' list of people to meet!
We would love to spend some time visiting one on one with you and your lovely bride. And I'll bake for that special occasion. lol
'love & hugs from afar'

Anonymous said...

Deb is an angel. I miss her & will drop her a line now that you have me thinking of her. ~Mary

Paula said...

Living on the go sure gives you chance to meet a lot of the online friends. I like that little studebaker, wouldn't it be fun to ride around in it on a sunday afternoon?

shirl72 said...

I think it is wonderful that you
get to meet some of the folks you
blog with.

Sheila and her husband are a nice
looking couple and would be fun to sit and talk.

Lucy ask Sheila and I to stop dancing when it was snowing in Neb. So we only danced for NC. But she still got the snow.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

How wonderful to meet some of your blog friends. I've never had the chance, but it would be great to see people you get to know so well through their blogs.We have another beautiful day here today. Makes me feel like summer is here.

Sheila Y said...

It was a thrill for us to finally get to meet you and Sherry. I look forward to the next time we can hang out. :-) I hope Shirl's and my dancing wasn't the cause of winter hanging on so long this year...ha. You two are the sweetest!

Love and Hugs, Sheila


How interesting to meet other blog buddies. Cool car.

Anonymous said...
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Chatty Crone said...

Well I just can't believe you have not been through Atlanta - the minister says even to get to Heaven you have to go through Atlanta.


Anonymous said...

I've never actually met any of my blogger friends in person, this also holds true for some of my Facebook friends. Some are highly unlikely to ever be met face to face as they live in places like Australia, Turkey, Malaysia and Japan! My Japanese friend was actually in the Tampa area for a didn't work out for us to meet! Love the "round" car!

Lucy said...

I am so happy that I got to fiNALY SEE THAT LADY THAT WANTS snow All the time. I pictured her in my mind as a little short person with a great body and I pictured Rick as tall and slender Funny the way you picture someone and they are entirely different. Of course I pictured Sherry as a pretty petite woman, just as she is but pictured You very different. A handsome dude with lots of hair!!! Had to go back to handsome.

Louis la Vache said...

You probably recall that Studebaker was founded in 1852 as a wagon builder. Studebaker Conestoga wagons were used my many who migrated west during the Alaska and California gold rushes. Studebaker built thousands of wagons for the Union Army in the Civil War. In 1904, Studebaker was still building wagons - but, as evidenced by your photo, they were building cars as well. They covered their bases - the kept building wagons, they built gasoline-engined cars and they built electric cars.