Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Our walk Yesterday

Now we do not have the cold and snow of Gary in NY or Mel and Dar in Wisconsin, but it ain’t warm like it is supposed to be.

Sherry had a great Mother’s day yesterday, Jack Jr. came up and brought Mark’s card. Jack brought her a card and a giant chocolate Cheese cake from the Cheese cake factory.  We put on a pot of Super Frog  Fuel and ate a BIG piece of the Cheese cake to go along with it.

Today it is a little cool but we needed a walk especially after the cheese cake. This is a big park with ample areas to explore in the woods. I took the camera along, Now I don’t know too many flowers, so I don’t know this pretty thing:


Flowers seem to be more beautiful in a rustic sitting. there were only three stalks.


On around the lake and into more woods. My girl can spot blooming Blackberry bushes from a mile away.


These are blooming along this gravel road. This is actually a smaller patch. She is already crying because we won’t be in NC at BB picking season.


I am a thinking this is an Indian paint brush, but I am not sure. It is actually redder than the picture shows.


Winding around the gravel road we came to this tilled bottom land, roughly 20-25 acres. I thought of Dar & Bill and potatoes up in WI (If they ever get spring)  Gonna have some good growth of tobacco or corn here. I took this picture as we turned back into the woods to find our way back to the park. In about 15 minutes guess what we spied:


A small pioneer grave yard. I had seen it on the park map, but I thought it would be really set off as a place of interest. But there it was with this sign that I noticed as we started to leave:


The sign reads:

           Pioneer Graveyard,

          Don’t feed the bears.

I thought that was a nice combination of notices. LOL


One more picture of one more of the ten or so grave markers. I could read 1822. (Elizabeth, an 11 yr old girl)(?)

We had a good walk, Mondays are good days at RV parks, the working folk with children must leave us retirees and do what we used to do, go to work and get kids off to school.

Thanks for coming along on our 3 mile walk.

Nite Shipslog


One day in your life you  are going to realize, if you didn’t do it, you are not going to.

(I took that from Ma’s Blog awhile back)

from ma s  blog


*********************************************yep it was cool

the rest of the smart

I thought this was cute, the rest of the Smart car.


shirl72 said...

That looks like a beautiful walk.
I can view beautiful plants around
my place..The flowers are beautiful
this time of year. My garden is
also doing well. I know you are
having fun in that beautiful park.

Anonymous said...

What a nice walk! The blue flower is a bearded iris, a staple in old-fashioned flower gardens.
The red is coral honeysuckle. That is the native variety and not the terribly invasive Japanese honeysuckle. It has the best nectar. I've have many times taken blooms of coral honeysuckle and bitten off the base of the bloom and sucked the nectar out.
It always makes me sad to see tombstones of children. I wonder how they died, and I think of what a grief it must have been to the family.


Chatty Crone said...

I can just see the two of you going on your walk.
I love chocolate cheesecake from the CC Factory.
And you know because we only live once - we have to do it right!


It's lovely to stroll through old cemeteries and look at the stones. Glad you didn't see any bears.

Jean said...

What a wonderful place to be in the woods with a beautiful lake, and coffee and chocolate cheese cake. You're making me hungry, lol.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I did enjoy your walk. Yes, Monday's in a campground are wonderful. I used to feel like I had the place to my self where I used to camp. Our Iris plants are just full of buds and will soon be blooming here. Today we managed to warm up to almost 70 and the weather man says we may hit 80 tomorrow. I'm so looking forward to the warmth. It's been chilly here too. Hopefully now the cold will be done with.

Louis la Vache said...

That series of Chevy ads is outstanding!

Nice add-on to the Smart. (Did you know the Smart is built by Mercedes?)

Paula said...

Thanks for letting me walk with you and Sherry. I don't know a lot of flowers but I did know the honeysuckle right away. The tombstones are interesting.

Rose said...

I,too felt like I was taking the walk with you. But I can't taste the cheescake you had earlier! LOL

Hugs, to my favorite couple!

Jackie said...

A beautiful walk....
Happy Mother's Day to Sherry. She is a wonderful Mother, I am sure.
Sending her love,

Anonymous said...

Sherry's new grandbaby is beautiful(some look so crinkled ;O). Chocolate cheesecake is a wonderful way to say Thanks Mom.