Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Spending an inheritance

Some of my generation received an inheritance, most did not. Our parents were from the depression era.


We see it all the time, the ‘cute’ tag on the front of an RV that reads,

“We are spending our Kids inheritance”.

AND we are actually doing that, Spending something they would inherit if we sat in a house and did not GO! However, we don’t plan to do that until we MUST. We know unless health deals us a terrible blow we will leave our sons something.

I honestly chased that dream once; The dream of becoming a true, millionaire. I never made it, but came close. Much closer than most High School Dropouts.  And a whole lot closer than my peers who went on to college. So the boys won’t inherit the million they hoped for, but it will be more than their mother and dad ever dreamed of having.  lol.


We flew in to Salt Lake City once. This is a view of the snow capped Wasatch Mts., and below the Great Salt lake as we were approaching SLC.  I much prefer to drive in…


God and life has been good to us, and we have tried to be good stewards of what we have earned. Sitting here, late at night, in the quiet of the motor home I am looking at the trip we plan to take. In this family, I do most of the PLANNING and ESTIMATING while Sherry deals in FACTS. She keeps track of INCOME and EXPENSIES. She keeps an eye on our checking account, peeking in at least two or three times a day.

Tomorrow I will tell her what I estimate the coming trip will cost us. She will then say, WHOA, forget it; or she will say, we can do that.  I have missed a few estimates, but not many, so she trusts me and I trust her.

This trip will be approx 7,000-7,500 miles. We get 8mpg that means we will buy 875-950 gallons of Diesel.  Then there are the over night stays (close to 2 months) and meals, . This is not the most expensive trip we have taken, but in our case, this is probably the last of the LONG trips.

Sherry and I sold our last 3 acres of open land a few weeks ago. Using the proceeds, We bought a Honda Fit (to tow) and we will spend the rest on this trip. To us it is a good investment, since it will take us to see folks that we will probably never see again. Grandsons, Great grands and good friends, that mean a lot to us.

We have no illusions of eternal life here on this earth, and know we are in our mid 70’s and it would not be very smart to continue driving 30,000 lbs of vehicles at speeds of 70 mph. That is pushing the envelope, using an expiring buzz word. LOL

I expect to get the ‘All Systems go’ from my finance Minister (I am stealing that title from friend Fred, his title for Frances). The next few weeks will be FUN, planning for that special trip.

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When a family is scattered as ours, we do not get to see the family in Nevada and UTAH very often. It is logical to say this is our last time.



This is a 1940’s Merc Woody


Paula said...

You and Sherry work so well together. Happy traveling as long as you can.

~mel said...

Sherry & Frances ~ the finance Ministers ~ love it; but the title wouldn't fit me ... now call me the Queen (who has a say in everything) and we'll be getting somewhere :) HAVE FUN wherever that open road takes you and the wallet lets you travel.
Just a note: Dar's back surgery went well and she is recovering better than she expected. I saw her today and she's doing great with hopes of coming home tomorrow.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

You are blessed to have a good finance manager there. It sounds to me like it is going to be a wonderful trip. I have family scattered about too, so I know how much it means to be able to visit them.

Anonymous said...

I did make it & then I gave most of it away. Now I am making more
:-). I am unapologetic of my interest in money. With some of the things that have happened to me, had I not the money to take care of myself, my fate would have been rather doomed.

I'm thinking you will be leaving stuff to the kids, but if you need the money, at least it is there. You've worked very hard in you life & the 2 of you deserve to enjoy your retirement.

Louis la Vache said...

hee hee...
You KNEW ol' «Louis» would like those Merc Woodies!

shirl72 said...

Thats what we need to do spend
spend, spend, we made it and
should enjoy life. I am spending
your inheritance like you said.
I am just glad we can.

Chatty Crone said...

I think you have done extremely well. And leaving the kids something too - awesome.

So when do you think you will leave? And why do you have to stay 2 months in a hotel or did I read that right?

I am soooooo excited for the two of you.

I did not know you had family out west.

I know you will have a great final long trip.



It is hard to get together when family is scattered to the wind. Glad you are making the trip to see everybody.

Lucy said...

Inheritance and being able to leave your kids something, depresses me, because we were not smart enough nor made enough over the years to do that. But at least my kids will be able to do that for their kids. I am happy that you 2 have been able to live your lives as you have. Speaking from experience, there comes a time in life where you need to learn your limitations for every ones sake. Remember, younguns, this elderly broken down woman is speaking from experience. At 80 I was still full of energy and so proud to be 80. Then the body betrays you. You and Sherry have the life you enjoy and that is all that matters. Be sure and leave Shirl plenty of your inheritance. She needs food for her birds. You all are great, and I am so glad I got to know you even if it was long distance.