Thursday, May 2, 2013

Time for enjoying Life

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I liked what Bonnie said yesterday about margins in our life. Wider margins around our tasks, allows time for variables. We do fill our days with projects. Projects, that at the time, seem MOST important. These things usually can slide a little.
Even as a retiree I notice I fill my days to the edge, most especially when we are at home base here in Belmont.
We think we cannot make time for anything, however, accidents and death will force a change in schedule. Sherry is my memory and mind. She just mentioned, it was one year ago today that she fell and broke her arm. Her schedule changed drastically.
We also had to take time yesterday, to attend a visitation, because a very good friend passed away.
One thing I have mentioned on this blog, but it is worth repeating. In 1955 my dad decided to make a Last Will and Testament. He made an appointment and went in to see an attorney. “I want to make a Will, in case I die,” he told the lawyer.
Dad said the attorney looked at him for a long minute, then said, “Reverend, let’s get one thing straight,  the statement is ‘when I die’ not ‘in case I die’,”
It is good to face facts. A friend was having a tough time with his heart. The doctor suggested he walk 30 minutes a day. “Doc, I don’t have time to walk.”
“Tell me friend, you either walk, loose some of the weight, or you will make time for death or a long hospital stay, do you have a preference?”
I think I will take the advice and add some margin to my day.

Life has a way of leveling the playing field when we all get older. We all have one thing in common with old scientists, doctors, lawyers, sea captains, astronauts, Nascar drivers or other famous sports stars. We are just OLD people. Fame and money cannot buy you one more hour of life when you are dying.
I had two wonderful sisters-in-law. One wealthy and one with much less. We visited them both in the same nursing home.
I never expect to be famous or well known outside my family, some childhood friends and some great folk I have met on the net. I know me, and I am happy with my life. I believe Shakespeare coined the phrase, ‘To thine own self be true’.
I enjoy life. I want everyone to be happy and know what it means to like a job, love a mate and if you choose, hold children and grand children.
I want everyone to experience at least one TRUE Friend.
While here, I really do want to smell the roses on the last few miles of this life.
Nite Shipslog
We all write our own definition of life.

Toyota Fun Vii Concept down load exterior
This is the Toyota futuristic car. Now this one is different. you can download variable body colors and paint jobs. All inside that glassine. body. Now this one appeals to my curiosity. I could paint it like a ‘48 Chevy one day and the Nash the next day. You can even scroll messages down the sides This one is wild..
1948 club coupe
Now between the Desota and the Toy, I MIGHT take the Toy!  LOL



So many projects here don't know where to start. I like that definition of margins and having them.

Anonymous said...

I definitely learned the meaning of True Friend(the ones that are, & the ones that are not) as I've gone through my illness.

Being single with no children, I've made sure my will is up to date & very specific. I won't need it once I'm gone, but I'd like it to go to who I see fit.

I cannot believe it has been a year since your wife's accident.

Anonymous said...

I'm trying to remember if I've stopped and smelled any roses lately...I think so...every now and then. I even laugh more and with my doodling I've become...happy!!!

Anonymous said...

it boggles my mind to think it's been a year since your wife hurt her Dad told me that life would go by quicker and quicker the older I became...he was right!!!

Jackie said...

Jack, you have the most beautiful outlook on life. I love being your blogging friend. I'm glad we net via the net.

Louis la Vache said...

That Toyota is a whole new take on the question "which way is it going?" they asked about the '47 Studebakers.

«Louis» will pay "Chatty Crone" a visit.

shirl72 said...

My life is filled everyday but
don't ask me what about. You are
right we need to slow down. Today
Grocery store, beauty shop,
came by your home and then to
Charlotte for app. You got us
busy Sat. Sunday Belmont Historic House. Hopefully next week we
can rest I am ready.

Lucy said...

Wow, you covered a lot of territory today. All interesting. It gt to the upper 20's last night here.

Chatty Crone said...

I hope everyone will come over for the giveaway - no following required!!!

Jack I think you are right - we have one life and I think we do have to find time to do what we need to do to extend it - not everyone feels that way though. And I guess it is a personal choice!