Thursday, May 30, 2013

Clothes thru the years

It is funny how styles change and usually so slow you do not notice the BIG difference. When I was a kid the length of jeans didn’t matter, you rolled them up if they were too long. Now as an old guy I have to be careful in buying jeans. Whatever or whoever designs men’s jeans took a page from the guy/gal who designed panty hose with the number of different colors/ sizes and styles.  I once got in trouble trying to figure which egg had the right panty hose in it. The package design was perfect, because it was like an Easter Egg hunt to me.

I have the same problem with jeans anymore. I did go in and grab a 32/31 and head out the door, but now? WHOA!

32/31 loose fitting

boot jeans

flare legs

skinny legs

low riders (Probably have Erkels too)

Each in: washed, bleached, used, buttons, zippers, 5 pockets, 4 pockets, Blue, Black, tan etc.  Enough to make the Pope cuss(he probably don’t wear jeans). I have some 32/31’s that are too tight and too loose.  Now I even have to try them on, I hate that.

Some folk seem to enjoy trying on clothes, not me.  To be honest my best shirts came from Yard sales.  You seldom find good men's clothes at yard sales, we usually WEAR them OUT. Usually the only reason good men’s clothes are in yard sales is the man left town too fast, or he died.

I get confused looking at so many styles and colors. I keep saying I am too old for this.. LOL Roses here in Belmont was where I always  bought my jeans. They sold the Wrangler’s 2nd’s for $10. I haven’t seen any lately. Of curse Sherry can afford to buy me $30 jeans, but I am cheap. Sherry buys certain things at Penny’s. While there awhile back I saw jeans for $79.00, why would anyone pay that for jeans to work in?  Or to be a cowboy in?

I was wearing a pair of 32/31’s today that were too loose, and felt terrible. Imma guess that is why I’m fussing. LOL  But I am fussing with a smile!

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Do you have trouble shopping for clothes?



In ‘51 Jeans were Jeans, this guy bought ‘em big and hung them with suspenders.

jamesdean bluejeans

Sherry wanted a pair of these until she found out that James didn’t come with ‘em.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Clothing sizes are so varied anymore you just about have to try them on to make sure they fit. I'm glad at this point my life I probably have enough clothing to last me till I die so I really don't need to buy anything new anymore. Not saying I won't, but I don't need to.

shirl72 said...

Clothes are not sized today like
they use to be. The makers know nothing about sizing. Shoes are the same way they are all wide width.

Thank goodness I have enough clothes and shoes..Of course I
still shop. Jack thinks I shop
like I am on a Mission from GOD.


If sizing was standardized there would be consistency. Otherwise it's a gamble to find a pair of jeans that fits.

Jean said...

I lost a few pounds after I broke my hip, but my big clothes still wear good,lol. Grover is up and down so I try to hang on to his in case he's up again. He wore 38/30 before he broke his and now 34/30 some 36/30's.Take care. Jean

Paula said...

Can you imagine the sight of a 76 year old woman in those low slung jeans or a woman who has too much weight? It's almost impossible to find the ones that come up to the waist or at least near there. You sure think up some good subjects to write about.

Chatty Crone said...

I tell you - I have yet to find jeans I like at any price - but I have such a goofy figure. I know some people who spend over a $100 for jeans - can you believe that? I don't think I could do it! lol sandie

Anonymous said...

be happy you're a man for a woman's clothes is a nightmare :)

Louis la Vache said...

hee hee...
Shopping for jeans has gotten so confusing!

Anonymous said...

I can understand Sherry's dismay.

I too have a tough time with jeans. The 4s are too big, the 2s tighter than I think a 47 yr old woman should wear them. The waist-sized ones are always too big elsewhere, tailor time. ~Mary