Tuesday, May 7, 2013

So, What else is new?

One thing that I am very happy about is the response to “Finally Love”. I have had so many positive comments it is very encouraging. Right now the book is available on Amazon  for $8.50 plus shipping.


Plus two people have been sweet enough to do reviews, Glenda H, and Rose S., Thanks loved the book review also with 5 stars *****

It is also available for a short time at 99¢ as a Kindle e-book, that is a bargain.


I received a comment that floored me. Joany said she was enjoying listening to the book. WHAT? She said she had a ‘app’ with her Kindle that allowed my book to be audio. So she was listening and enjoying it as she was driving. I haven’t checked into this and I didn’t even know it was available.

I really got into writing the book, so much so that Bonnie had hundreds more ‘comma splices’ to fix, than she should have. As more people read it, I hear, ‘I love Jerry’, ‘that Elsie is cool’, Vickie M is my kind of woman, etc. 

From where I sit right now, I can look back into our bedroom and see Sherry reading ‘Finally Love’, for the 2nd time. But I’m a gonna tell you that girl will be sleep reading in 15 minutes. TV used to put her to sleep. Now she enjoys reading herself to sleep. She says it is the best kind of sleep. She will wake up and continue. I cannot do that when I am out, that is it.

I know it  must be beauty sleep, because she wakes up more beautiful each day.  I had to laugh the other day, our neighbor from across the street came over and asked Sherry, “Do you sleep sitting up? Your hair always looks good!”

I smiled because you ladies on the net even ask if she has a beautician on the trail, when she is back packing. She always has had beautiful hair. It frames ‘THAT FACE’ perfectly. But as you know, she is my doll. Okay I got off on something that is not new. Nah, I am not sorry. She is, and always has been, my dream girl. I joke about having to find a way to lock the door in the nursing home, so I can have my way with her.

Shirl, Sherry and I are going to go to the same nursing home and liven up the place.

Hey, thanks for coming this way, it is good of you.

Nite Shipslog


I love this motor home. We live very well in 320 sqft. I get a kiss every time I pass my girl, and that is a lot of times.

The largest home I ever built was a little over 3000 sqft. I liked the home, but not as much as this 320 sqft. Shirl lives in 2700sqft and jokes about how many steps it is to the kitchen, I tell her that is her problem. Her bedroom is larger than our motor home.  LOL.



1951 Riley



The Kindle download of your book was quite a bargain.

Paula said...

Laughing @ your plans for the nursing home. I have always thought Sherry has the neatest hair. Your's stays pretty neat too. lol

shirl72 said...

Well looking forward to Assisted Living . You are right I have 27 steps from my bedroom to the kitchen.

What are we going to do with all
our "STUFF" when time to go.
I think I am looking forward to
no cooking, no cleaning and no yard work.

We can keep everybody entertained
and let them know how lucky they
are for not having to do house work, cooking and yard work.

Jackie said...

You and Sherry are in love, and how wonderful that is for both of you. Blessings to both of you!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I did get the Kindle download and started reading it. Now my Kindle is on the fritz so I may have to get a new one in order to finish the book. You two are blessed! If you can be happy like the two of you are for so many years, even in your small space, what more could you ask for.

Lucy said...

Glad your book is such a hit. I have no Kindle or paypal or no credit card and not the best in eyesight. Falling apart but I have a right to have none of those things at my age. I have enjoyed my life and will try to continue to as long as I am alive.

Chatty Crone said...

E gads I forgot to do a review. I will do it today. Sandie

Anonymous said...

Sherry always looks naturally beautiful. It is great that your book is available in audio...& that you didn't know it!