Sunday, March 30, 2014

Kirksville, Missouri

The Air Force Station was north of town. The Moped came in handy again so Sherry would have the car to take care of any daily errands  that came up.  Jack Jr. was a joy and smart.

Scanoldpic9 034

(Me ‘n Jack Jr. on the way to church. This is Downing Trailer Park in Kirksville, MO, Imma starting to look like a preacher)

He too was proud of our tomato patch, enough so he lead his two or three friends into it for a green tomato fight.  We had so many tomatoes I don’t think he even got a spanking.

Farmer Jack called called mama. “Mama my turnips look like carrots and they are bitter.”

“WHAT? TURNIPS? It’s July son too early for turnips. You were supposed to thin them out so they would have room to grow. Turnips are a fall crop. Maybe you should be planting some soon.”

Scan0019 - Copy

Well we farmers have to learn somehow, don’t we?

We learned to buy our eggs and milk direct from the farmers. Living in Kirksville was a pleasure and an education. People still trusted folk and a man’s word was his bond. I must tell you our greatest thrills were traveling out thru the rolling hills in the country in the evening, there can be nothing more beautiful and relaxing. (Ever read Paula and her tales of country roads. That is how we felt.)

Scanoldpic9 018

(This is us on a trip to Sedalia, Mo. See the Rambler in the back ground.)

Mom and Dad came out bringing Sherry’s sweet mama again. It was time for the little girl to be born.  Sherry was doing the positive thinking this time. In our motor home I had converted the 3/4 bed to bunk beds for Jackie and his brother or sister.

Time for the birth. I took Sherry to the small local hospital. I was even invited in. I was in the room with Sherry until the delivery. They gave her a shot (Twilight sleep??) She had Jack Jr with a saddle block.

Anyway the most exciting thing was when the nurse was checking for dilation, Sherry yelled (thinking it was me), “Leave me alone!” and immediately kicked the sweet nurse.  I guess they are used to the dangers of the mothers to be because the girl just laughed it off. So on December 14, 1961, Mark David Darnell was born. A cute little fellow and very healthy.


(Grandma Susie with Jackie Jr holding his new little brother)

Sherry’s mama was invaluable with me working and Jackie being so ‘helpful’. Missouri was cold in December so everyone got along well in the  trailer, I mean Mobile Home.

After a few weeks I applied for leave to take Susie home and show off our new Mark David. Life was good for our little family, and we were happy with the size. Sherry finally explained the birds and bees to me and we decided to not get pregnant again.

Thanks for coming by the log.

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This trip was eventful also.



I made a great trade for this 1955 Rambler. I traded a super duper ‘55 Ford & paid some boot.  I know my daddy was shaking his head.  But we needed better gas mileage!!! LOL


shirl72 said...

I missed yesterday, my home sure
looks cold.

Well know you have two boys.
Jack you sure look skinny those
were the good old days. Dad loved
Jack, Jr. I remember Dad would
let him sit on his lap until it
was time for him to get up and preach.

betty said...

Cute pictures of your young family in here, Jack and Sherry; loved the picture of Sherry's mom and your two sons!



GREAT vintage photos. Wonderful story about you and the children.

Mevely317 said...

Love that image of Susie and the boys, Jack. Mark looks so tiny!

Most of all, I'm sitting over here in lust (lol) over your little toy tractor! I vaguely recall having had its twin in powder blue. (If something was meant for a little boy, chances are I wanted it - ha!)

Hugs from Phoenix,

Paula said...

I like that tractor and the kid on it ain't half bad.

Chatty Crone said...

Hey I think two boys is a great number. I see you are in Georgia somewhere on Lucy's blog - ah hem??

Elizabeth said...

I love the pics and story of your family!