Monday, December 14, 2015

Anchors Aweigh

Most folk who read this Blog, 'The Shipslog' know  I spent time in the USMC, USAF and USN. In the USMC and the USN,  I learned to love the sea. I love the vastness of an ocean. The smell of salt air and the Beautiful sky day or night.
This is the 'Brilliance of the Seas' one of  the ships of the Royal Caribbean Line.

There is a feeling some sailors get akin to the 'Iron men on wooden ships', while they are 'wooden men'  (faulty) men on Iron ships. There is no feeling better than  a weather deck, under a star filled sky, listening to a sailor who has a guitar.   It is an added thrill if he can sing.  If not there are many men who will fill the bill or join him.

Of course the professional sailor, military or civilian, works an average of 12 hours a day, many times more.  So the respid out under the sky, lying or sitting on a steel deck listening to a shipmate sing the Blues, Hill Billy or Rock and Roll is next to (but not quite) like having your love near.

I remember  vividly on our first  anniversary (at sea away from my love) and Sam Cannon singing 'Fraulein', but without the guitar.  I found a space by myself and cried as a young husband missing my Fraulein, Sherry.
Below is the Super FUD taking off the Indy. ( I slept just under the jet on the lower right)

Below is the USS Vermilion my first ship
Below the the Independence my last ship, it was twice the size of the Vermillion.

The words of my skipper when he asked me to remain on the Carrier the Independence CVA62 still ring in my ears.  'Why not stay with me here on the Indy boat?' My response was, "If you will allow me to bring my wife aboard sir, I will stay here forever." He wouldn't agree so I shipped out to GITMO.

Now today we are headed to a Cruise ship.  I will dream of the days of my youth as I smell the salt air. But in doing so I will hug my love tightly. Aboard a civilian ship I don't work, I just enjoy both loves, the SEA and my LADY!

I will be AWOL for a few days, but I know I will think of you all on occasion, there is no question about that. But this is a cruise of a life time. Our complete brood except Corey.

My sister Shirl was invited, but she declined, she is a sissy, everyone MUST love the sea,  Well at least methinks that.. Nah she is a home body. She is one of those folk, "Been here done that!"

So I know you will miss my wisdom and bright personality (like the plague). But I am going to enjoy Sons, Grand kids and Great Grand kids, while on a great cruise.

We will hit only two ports, Cozumel and Georgetown in the Bahamas. Fortunately I have my love aboard so I will not be looking for her on the pier as I used to do, as a young sailor, when returning from he sea.
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Paula said...

I'll be missing your wisdom but so happy you're on your beloved sea with you beloved lady and family.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

There has to be a lot of difference working on a ship as opposed to enjoying a cruise for sure. I hope you all have a wonderful time of it and come back with some wonderful stories to share with us.

betty said...

Loved reading it all, but especially the last line. Neat that you and Sherry will welcome the harbor together side by side with mostly all your family with you. A wonderful adventure lies ahead!! Looking forward to the stories afterwards! Have fun!


Glenda said...

Have a great time, look forward to sharing the adventure when you post, Bon Voyage!

Unknown said...

Have a great cruise! Enjoy the time with your family!

Rick Watson said...

You made the right choice Jack. Have fun on your cruise. I know you all will eat well. The food on our cruise was incredible.

Elizabeth said...

Enjoy the cruise and special time with loved ones! Looking forward to reading about it !

Lisa said...

Great little story. Cant wait to hear about the cruise. I know you will lots to talk about. Ive never been on a cruise and probably never will ( My husband says no). I hear there is a lot of great things to do and eat. Have fun.


shirl72 said...

You love the water and being on ships. I think our older Brothers
were on ships...Well I am late answering and hope you are getting
home today. I know you all had a good cruise. Welcome back to Land
of the Free. hee hee

Howard Darnell said...

Shirl, your forgot the last part of 'Welcome back to Land of the Free' you forgot 'and the Over Taxed' ;-)