Monday, December 21, 2015

At Sea towards our first port

Once in the Gulf of Mexico we enjoyed the beauty of the blue and aqua waters.  We have snorkeled a lot in these waters and the beauty is hard to explain.  The water is clear and on a smooth day I have seen the bottom when the fathometer read 125 feet (In the Key West area)

The Cayman's are around the west end of Cuba and then below them.  I made a mistake by not thinking of the family and those new to the sea experience. I should have brought or advised Dramamine for those who were not used to the moving deck, however slight. We had a couple who had to get their 'sea legs', but it didn't take long.

The second night was suggested Formal. Most of the ship does not go formal, but more sporty. There are still the men in a tux with their lady in a gown. This is Mark's crew we ran into.

Stella wasn't in the mood for a picture, but that didn't last long. 

The Food is always good and too much of it.

We also ran into Jude and his mom and dad (Jennifer and Stephen) 

I didn't get everyone but we had two tables adjacent so dinner was together, when anyone wanted it. Our dinner hour was at 8:30PM, a little late for Sherry and I, but we made it most nights.
I believe this was the night we had our Great Grands to ourselves while the grown-ups took in a show or time on the dance floor or in the casino.  But Great Grandpa and Grandma had a good time.

This was our day at sea on the way to our first port.

This is my favorite place, the balcony over 
looking my love the sea.
This was my balcony on the USS Independence. The flight deck safety net! ;-)  

But it was the same Ocean. I cannot imagine why anyone wouldn't want to live on this. (Of course only if they had their lover)
Cruises are great, the food is good and plentiful but for one thing distractions are less. If you want cell phone or internet service it will cost you on this ship, $20 a day. We chose to be off our leash. That gave me time to sit and talk one on one with my grands, Grandloves, as the ladies up in the North woods call them.
Nite Shipslog
This beauty is a 1956 Ford convertible.  


betty said...

How nice to see everyone dressed up! Poor Stella; I can imagine it could be a bit overwhelming with it all, but did enjoy the picture of her smiling a little bit later :) It was good to be unplugged for a bit from technology and enjoy the special time with family :)


Mevely317 said...

LOVE these photos! (Except, ouch! ... Sherece looks like she had a nasty sunburn!)

On our last cruise - 9 years ago now - I noticed more and more travelers in nice, but less formal attire. While I loved the opportunity to dress in a long gown and spot gents in tuxes, I get that young people aren't into all that muss and fuss - not to mention the expense. Your gang looks great!

Paula said...

I think it must have been nice away from phones and computers just to relax and enjoy the sea.

Rick Watson said...

I pre wrote my blog entries and then scheduled them to post about the same time as I normally post each night. I missed the tether at first, but after a while, not so much. Looks like y'all had a remarkable time.

Glenda said...

Everyone looks so happy and it's easy to see that Stella has a new lifetime buddy! Love the pics of Sherry with her grands, and of course the balcony shots ~ old and new! What a wonderful way to share great times with family.

Howard Darnell said...

Hmmmmm . . . . I tried posting earlier but not sure it it took!
Jack, when I saw you standing on the railing I thought you were the Capatin. Mercy, You are looking good my man. Did notice the slight difference of the one sitting on the gray bucket. Times have truly changed. Oh, one more thing . . . that wind blowing your shirt looked like you might have gained a few pounds. Of course next time just tuck the shirt in.
Love you.

Yaya Snaps said...

Love the great to have family with you for your cruise :)

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

More wonderful pictures. I like that expression Grand Loves. Tis so true how we love them.