Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Busy Work

Cars of beauty and art:
 And then there was the early 1950 MG, This one I really wanted! Remember  my birthday is in January. (SMILE)

For tonight:
It is hard for me to ‘not’ do something while awaiting maintenance. So I am working a little on the coach to save some labor costs to the improvements we plan. Our living room in the coach is carpeted. We had it carpeted a few years ago by the guy who installed carpet in the houses I built. Something I did not think about, the traffic pattern in an RV is always the same. You enter and leave thru the same door. everyone who enters steps practically in the same spots.  The carpet has taken a beating.

Above, you can see the stains in the blue. We cleaned the carpet about every year, but it is hard to keep it clean. I added the runner on the stairs that helped.

We are having the carpet removed and the new ‘vinyl’ (?) plank flooring put down. That means the entrance steps must be redone.

 So I did. Now it is ready for matching wood flooring.

So I am doing that after disconnecting the gas to the Refrigerator and shortening our kitchen table. The new refer does not require LP gas. And less table will give the workers more room to maneuver as they install our new refrigerator. We had hoped to get a large refrig, but we are limited in height so we are getting a 14.6 CuFt refrig.
The Refrigerator doors are removed,  no food gonna rot inside. LOL

I needed to finish today because the coach will go over before noon on tomorrow.   I am so looking forward to getting this over and done.

Myra stated it well about them getting the roof done. Do not put it off, DO IT. People do not need the stress of something hanging over our heads.

Some folk don’t understand why we would prefer a 325 sqft motor home to a house. I thought of MA (what’s new in my house) today. For years she moved into a camper for the summer months up in Ohio, she loved it. BUT time goes on and life styles are forced to match age and circumstances.

Sherry and I know at the most we have 5-8 years left ‘on-the-road’. I did get a little encouraged today when I heard
her say she would not mind making one more swing around the USA.

One of our reasons would be to see the two grands and some great grands plus friends out in Utah.  It would be the last time to see them.

It was easy to type that, but now thinking about it, that sounded so final. Now as I give it a second thought, reality says, “It would be FINAL for some of the grands, Jack!”

In life any visit may be your last, I know that.  But in your 80s? Each LONG trip is Much More likely to be your last!

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betty said...

I know when I saw my mom back in 2005 and she was 84 years old, I knew it was probably the last time I would see her alive (and so it was). Just the way it is when we age. With proper planning and plenty of time to get from here to there, I can see you and Sherry making one last loop around this country before you settle in to those spots you feel comfortable traveling to. We got new couches the other week and when the old ones were taken out and we could see the wear pattern on the carpet, it was like "time to consider new flooring." I'd go with tile or similar; seems not to wear as much as carpet does.


Mevely317 said...

Your refrigerator (and area) looks much larger than what I'd imagined! I think another lap 'round the Country would be so enjoyable. Like that olden Nike ad says, "Just Do It!".

I'm guessing y'all are already on the road to Atlanta right about now … watch out for the idiots on those busy highways! Happy Thanksgiving!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

My goodness you have been busy, but then I've never known you to just sit around. My camper, like your RV took some maintenance and updating from time to time. It was my second home and like any home things needed fixing. It would be great for you both to travel and see some family that are far away. I have some that I only see every year or two if I'm lucky, sometimes its more. Hoping you both enjoy a very happy Thanksgiving and will soon be on your way!

Chatty Crone said...

You are right with what you say Jack. It is hard to think like that. I go to a church where there are mostly older people and it is so dad because some are getting terminally ill. So I agree - do it now while you can and enjoy it. You are busy and I do think it is one way you stay so young.

Hey got a question - out dryer has a horrid smell in it when you dry clothes on high but the smell is not there when on delicate or air dry. Weird - right?

Love, sandie

Glenda said...

Congratulations on getting so close to finishing that huge project. And I agree that the wood flooring will not only look lovely, but be so much easier to clean. I know y'all will be thrilled to be back in your "home" when it's ready!!! Happy Thanksgiving from Chobee.

Lisa said...

I think yall are gonna love the new floors! If I lived in an RV, I would not have carpet. I struggle cleaning tight areas of carpet in mine. A broom would fit "under and in" a lot better. You will have to give us a picture tour when its complete!

Get on the road Jack. If you go fast enough you can make two more rounds. :)

Happy Thanksgiving eve!

Dar said...

Travel as long as you are able...it's what you both love so ' Do It!' The flooring will be so much easier but be careful not to slip. You'll love not having to deal with carpets in your RV. If your tootsies get cold, there are always slippers with grippers. :)
love n' hugs from up north. Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow. Eat lots of turkey and pie!!!! Gobble, gobble!!!!!


the new floors sound nice. bet you'll be real happy with them when they are done.