Sunday, November 25, 2018

Itchy feet? Or just ready to get all this over with?

Cars of beauty and use:
Stopped on the ALCAN to wash the car using river water and buckets. Towing on the ALCAN gets a car filthy.

Later crossing the Yukon River on the ferry, this is Dick & Kats RV jusst made it on!

For now:
Don’t get me wrong, I like this little house, BUT, but it does not move. It is mortar and block. I took time today just to look at it and be thankful we have a place to stay without going to a motel while our ‘wheel-estate’ is being fixed.
We once thought it was time to settle down in Florida. So we searched and found a place in Tavares. Bought in a senior community and enjoyed it for a while. After about two years we had had enough and missed the road. So we sold and moved back into the coach that we has stored.
We still ‘think’ about settling, and something like this happens and we are forced to move out of the coach. Then again remember what I like about the coach, everything is so stinking handy!  We have lived in RV’s for over 20 years now.  We have adjusted to the small size.
I will readily admit everything we own is NOT with us. Grand daughter lives in one house where we have some storage.
Sister Shirl, lived in one place where we also had some storage.  Now that we have that house back and inherited all her furniture and car, we have oodles of STUFF. So now, with two vacant houses and a motor home it has added some stress to my life.
I experienced terrible stomach pain, rashes and other related physical aggravations, over the ‘terrible summer’. Once we got away from NC and arrived here almost immediately the stomach problems disappeared. After the blown diesel engine and then cracked windshields and refrigerator problems I am ready to really downsize.  But most of all during the day here when I walk out the back door and the coach is not there I feel some stress. I am ready to hit the road, this ain’t right. Imma southern Gypsy. LOL
Even in the fall, Pennsylvania sounds good.
(Sherry buttering an ear of corn from an Amish field 10cents an ear.)
 BUT my Sherry would say, maybe next early summer when the corn comes in!

Then again San Antonio sure sounds good!  I’m through! (we are in Florida for the duration.)

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NanaDiana said...

Ahhh--Florida. That is where my heart longs to be as we settle in to another Wisconsin winter. I am so sorry that you are having motor home problems again. I think sometimes it is just KNOWING we can't go when the whim strikes us that causes stress.

For me,stress is too much to do all the time. Sometimes I feel like I am on a hamster wheel and keep moving because I can't stop. I envy you and Sherry for being able to live your dreams out. Not sure I would do so well in one of those Florida "communities" either. You will both KNOW when it is time to settle down--if that ever happens.

I hope to have enough time to write the 2nd book that is in my of these days---I hope!

Happy Sunday night to you and Mrs. Jack! Hugs- Diana

betty said...

This has been a hard year for you and Sherry, Jack. I can see where you would want the comfort of your motor home to be there for you to be able to live in with all the other things that have happened. I hope all the repairs happen quickly and it is once again parked where you want to park it and you can go back to living in it. There will be a time for settling somewhere, but I don't see it happening any time too soon for you both.


Jean said...

Just got back home this afternoon from a wonderful visit with Sheila,Rick and the girls. My grandson and his family that lives down near you drove up to be with us Thanksgiving and they drove back yesterday. I enjoyed my trip. I drove down Thanksgiving day and got back home this afternoon. Jack you have a nice motor home why not live in it as long as you want. You know my age and yes I drove the four hour trip down and four back alone. I don't see any problems for you and Sherry.Do what makes you happy.I hope you're feeling better soon and can get on the road again.

Lisa said...

Look at you...You took a great foodie photo! Haha.
Sherry is buttering that corn like a pro. I have not had corn in 3 years and I love corn. I have just chosen to keep it off my food plan. Im not really sure why. But you just changed that. Im getting some corn to put on the grill as soon as its back in season.

Id love to go to Florida again.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I think two vacant homes would tend to give me some stress too. Why have them if you don't plan to use them. Permanent places are available for your coach if you don't plan to travel. I love having a smaller place too. Although I still have more than I need.

Chatty Crone said...

I think when a person has a real gypsy heart and I think you do - it would be stressful to stay in one place and have two houses and all that stuff. Have an estate sale and sell the furniture and one house!

Mevely317 said...

Wow, the sight of that RV on the ferry is something to behold!

I think you've a darn good reason to be stressed … but almost all that's behind you now. I think somebody important once coined a wise adage, "Go West, young man!"

Dar said...

Downsizing can be a stress all its own. Bill and I have been helping settle his uncle's estate...what a chore but it has to be done. It's hard to believe how much 'stuff' one can consume in 70 of his 90 yrs. Soon you'll have your 'wheel-estate' back on the road or parked exactly where you want it for the moment of exploration. You and Sherry sure have lived life to the fullest., no doubt about it. Like your friend Mevely said, Go west, young man......but come north first, then go west to Utah to see the grandloves.
loven'hugs from up north where the snow is slowly floating to the ground for keeps.


i think the coach is sending you signs it may be time to settle down. hopefully this set of repairs will be your last ones.