Monday, November 26, 2018

People watching at McDonalds

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Most Sunday mornings we stop by McDonalds for our jueely biscuit and coffee. I got a kick out of folks at Mickey D’s last Sunday. The younger couple, a pretty girl with streaks of Blue white and green in her hair was talking across the table to a young man. They were drinking the ‘fancy coffee’, cold I think. The ones with whip cream on top and dribbles with Carmel. Well, he was drinking she was talking a mile a minute and very demonstrative. Waving her arms, etc. He was listening intently, smiling and grunting every once in a while. This went on for 30 minutes. She hadn’t touched her ‘coffee’ and he had drank all his.

Just behind then was an old couple probably my age. Drinking my kind of coffee, black. They were also engaged in a serious conversation, but were sharing the conversation. They both smiled and laughed every once in a while. He wore a Union shirt from Massachusetts and a firefighter’s ball hat. Both couples seemed to enjoy the other’s company. I like that.

A little girl of 8-10 with her grandma flitting around with a long pony tail. Getting napkins and talking seriously to her grandma. Grandma was doing what grandmas do with granddaughters. Smiling from ear to ear, this was her day. The little girl was as big as anyone in McDonalds that morning.
I can enjoy pleasant people even from a distance.
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betty said...

We call it "dinner and a show" when we get to people watch and we get interesting people to watch. Sounded like you had a great people watching time at McDonald's. Its one of my favorite pastimes to people watch :)



people watching is always fun especially when you can catch tidbits of their conversations.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

People watching is a lot of fun! McDonald's biscuits are good and I like mine with bacon egg and cheese. It's a treat for me! Don't go every Sunday like you all do. I like Betty's description of Dinner and a show. No need to go to the movies when you have real life to watch for sure !

Chatty Crone said...

Jack I could people watch all day!

Lisa said...

Its always fun to people watch.
I haven't eaten a biscuit it a long time.
The blue haired girl could talk a long time because her coffee was already cold. ha

From Cold Gtown

Mevely317 said...

I, too, love to 'people watch.' Back when we first moved to Florida, my workplace was practically next door to the Tampa Airport. Since I knew no-one and didn't want to sit by myself at the company cafeteria, I'd crawl in my car and go to the airport to people watch. What a kaleidoscope of humanity!

You've a great eye for detail, Jack. The post reminds me of something Sean would pen.

Dar said...

We can learn so much about people just by watching...the most wonderful think I've seen has to be watching children and how they react to adults. They put their hearts out there on their sleeves or they are silent...I often wonder how their reactions tell ' their ' story. Life sure can be a surprise sometimes.
love n' hugs from up north where we are still prepping an estate for a big sale ~ a huge undertaking but we're happy to help.