Saturday, November 10, 2018

Some things are coming together

Cars of beauty and art:

 I am sure this is a 1955 Nash Rambler.

Seldom, but occasionally companies make ‘money mistakes’. When Sherry and I decided to look for a bigger motor home than the little Ranger, we drove to Florida (This was before the internet and smart phones.) We did have a bag phone.  We found the prices about the same as NC.  But thanks to a wheeler dealer RV searcher like us, we found a 38 foot Overland at a good price because the other guy had already negotiated the price.

 (This is the Overland. Sonny and Colette on one of our trips together. They were great traveling partners.)
With an open equity line on our home in NC we wrote a check for the coach. I have told this before, but after a month the check did not clear so I opened a savings account to cover the check. The bank was paying 6%+ on savings. After a few months I told Sherry they were going to give us the coach.  LOL . It was over 6 months before the check cleared and we earned about $800 in interest in the savings account while waiting
During our just past, ‘summer to forget’, we had the ‘condos’ re-roofed. Our insurance paid us. We were holding $13,000 to pay for the roof, but we never received a bill. I wrote the company a letter asking for a final bill so we could pay it before heading south. We never heard from them.  I told my sweetheart the other day, “I think they forgot about us and they are doing so well they don’t miss $13,000.”

We ran a business and there was no way I could forget a bill over $100 (or less!  Lol). At the end of the month I would know.
As it should be, Sherry got the call from Mr. Max, “Did you guys pay for the roofing yet?” 
They had filed my letter with the job and forgot it. I told Sherry she should have told him we used the insurance money to pay for the engine down in Atlanta.  WE will catch it up as soon as we can.

But no, we sent the check in the day he called. One more thing out of the way. Now the ONLY things we must do that are hanging over us from THAT SUMMER are:
1.       Get the windshields replaced
2.       Replace the carpet in Motor home living room.
3.       Replace the refrigerator

The other things can be done as we travel a little:
4.       Wax our home.
5.       Clean the ceiling.
6.       Get matching throw rugs front to back

For heaven’s OUR sake get on the road. After we cut the grass here. LOL
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seems like it's always something that needs to be paid for, doesn't it?

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

There really isn't much left to do when you consider what has already been done. Hopefully, you will be on the road again soon. Meanwhile enjoy the moments you have and be happy. Every day is a good one when you think about it! Hope you have a happy Sunday. We had our first snow in northern Ohio yesterday. Today there is a little left and it's sunny but cold.

Mevely317 said...

Oh, the irony! Unfortunately, it looks tho' we may have to replace our roof sooner than later. It's always something. What's that Rick said, "The cost of doing life." (*sigh*)
I know y'all are itching to lift anchor and sail, sail away!

PS - I LOVE the looks of that Overland!

Glenda said...

You may want to check Home Depot online for throw rugs ~ they have a huge "home store" selection online. With "Black Friday" sales around the corner, likely there'll be closeout prices. I got two high quality 100% cotton rugs during July white sale-lush and bargains!!!
Happy Veteran's Day Jack, thank you for your service and belated Marine Corp birthday greetings.

betty said...

That was great thinking to open that account and make money in the process while you were waiting for checks to clear. Right now I'm waiting for my niece who recently got married to cash the check we gave a gift. She's waiting until she gets all the paperwork back to open a joint account in her new name. I just want the check cashed and cleared for our records, LOL :)


Dar said...

Always another project to pay for, nothing new around here. Soon you'll be happily ' on the road again,'and lovin' it. While paying bills, I once sent the phone co. the electric co.s check and visa took a while for those checks to clear correctly. You'll be sooo glad when that refrigerator is replaced and even happier if it works! Happy Trails.
love n' hugs from up north where we have around 8-9 inches of snow that look like it'll stay. Big fluffy flakes are still falling