Friday, November 2, 2018

The danged phone!

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Life is real.  The problems are real.  But then the joys, love and satisfaction are also real. I am known for the belief if the problem is money, it can be solved by planning, working two jobs and cutting back.  Basically when money has been our problem (which was seldom because we never required much) it was usually my fault.

BUT, when the problem is health, IT IS A PROBLEM. A problem that effects not only the sick, hurt or diseased, but the family and loved ones. Until times like today my ‘handicap’ is not a problem. When one is deaf, especially on the phone, IT IS A PROBLEM.  I never intentionally look for ‘sympathy’ but everyone around me knows there is a problem when I am ‘forced’ to talk on the phone.

When dealing with Attorneys, doctors, or insurance claims if my name is on the paper, I am required to be on the phone. So essentially most times it takes 2-4 people to help me talk on the phone. Today it was something as simple as RV insurance and a broken windshield. I tried to CALL the insurance company. I SWEAR declare I had to press 1-2-3 for at least 15 questions until it started in a circle. I had to quit.

So I decided to solve the problem and go to a repair shop. The sweet lady said, “I can call but they will want to talk to you.” She got through and with the help of the secretary and Sherry we got through it. 

I wasn’t a nervous wreck, but I was a mess at the end. LOL. So now the Windshield repair is in the pipeline and to be on the safe side (because the Refrig ain’t doing well) we are going to try to replace it.

My physical problem takes a back seat to ‘sickness and disease’, I would never compare being deaf to diabetes, strokes or cancer.  I have it made in that comparison, because like today I can muddle thru with some help from my friends. BUT my best friend Sonny, had to face his kidney failure alone. My Sister Shirley had to face her organ failures alone. My friend Gary that I wrote about, even with loving family, EVERYONE faces the end alone.  The stress is shared, but the disease cannot be shared.

For a few minutes today I felt sorry for myself. I ran a construction company physically and on the phone, now I cannot answer some simple questions without help.

Then I drop back to my mantra (soul song), if money can actually solve a problem, then there is no problem. In reality, we can live with a cracked and popped out windshield. We COULD actually park the coach and let it rot and still live well. 
She doesn't wear glasses anymore, but she can still see thru me.

We could still LIVE AND LOVE because I can converse one on one very well thanks to the implants. Sherry is the best Dr. in the world, her love cures self-pity and stress like swatting a gnat!

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Susan Kane said...

Deafness in a world where the entire world seems to hold a cell phone to their ears all day, well, that leaves a true sense of being shut off. Solution? I wish there was something easy.

What you have is an open loving heart that sees others and their needs.

Woody said...

If I can remember it, my Dad sang this song...…………
Oh we ain't got a barrell of money,
maybe we're ragged and funny,
but we'll travel along...…
singing a song, side by side .
My Dad raised us to make do with what we had, hand me down shoes, pants shirts were common !!!!!! Take care, Gary

Chatty Crone said...

I know this has to be hard. My hubs is half deaf I guess you'd say - he doesn't like my voice and can't hear well - tries to put his hand behind his ears and 'cup' it in.

I am sure glad you have Sherry.

And I didn't know your window was out!

NanaDiana said...

Hi Jack- One more thing our lives have in common. Hubby is totally deaf in one ear (acoustic neuroma-requiring brain surgery 30 years ago) and he is hard of hearing in the other year...and has selective hearing when I want anything done. lol I know how frustrating it is for you. However, you are right- better to be deaf than to have some sort of debilitating disease.

I hope you can get the windshield and fridge problems resolved. xo Diana

betty said...

Windshield problems can be frustrating, but at least here it is relatively easy to get them fixed with the companies coming to your house to do so. Hubby had to have his car's windshield replaced and lo and behold a few months later another crack. This time around we paid for it ourselves, not going through the insurance. We figured the insurance arranged for a cheaper grade of glass, thus the propensity to crack sooner. Now son with his new vehicle saw a crack the other day so he'll be dealing with insurance. At least we have it.

It is frustrating trying to deal with talking on the phone or doing other business if we don't have all of our senses about us, so to speak. Good that Sherry is there to help you as she can!


Lisa said...

I can imagine the frustration of being deaf. I have one good ear and one ear thats halfway gone. I have to cock my head different ways sometimes to comprehend what someone is saying and thats frustrating enough for me.
I hate having to call for information. Customer service is not the best now days. I can never understand someone on the other end trying to explain something to me. They either talk to quiet, too fast or have an accent. I get so aggrivated.

Your just going through a few bumps in the road with that RV. It will be like new before you know it.

Keep listening to Sherry!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Your hearing disability does have it's frustrating moments, but at least it is something you can live with and live well with Sherry's help. Window shields can be fixed, but like you said there is a lot in life that cannot be fixed at all. Count your blessings instead of your woes...There are some that definitely have it a whole lot worse.

Mevely317 said...

LOVE this perspective, Jack!
Folks' hearing challenges aside, I suspect some of the 'blame' needs put at the feet of those on the other end of the line. So many times I've wanted to ask (nicely) if the caller might SLOW DOWN; even speak more clearly.

Dar said...

Hearing issues are no fun...I'm so grateful mine was restored with a chip of least I can hear again. Still, some sounds like the shrill scream of my little niece, my brothers sneeze as well as my you have issues with a sneeze? I have to cover my ear. You're so blessed to have your loving Sherry there to help you out and others. Broken windshields seem endless on dirt roads while passing bigger trucks than ours. Glad you'll be getting yours fixed. It's illegal up north to drive with a broken shield...soooo, glad you're gettin' er' done! Never be afraid to tell the operator at the other end of the line to speak up, speak slower, or repeat themselves so you can understand. It's their job.
love n' hugs from up north where Bill is helping the neighbors harvest their hogs, and I'm off to church to help at the Christmas Tea/Bazaar...