Thursday, November 29, 2018

The law of averages or beating the odds

Automobile’s of Art:

'48 DeSota coupe. The owner of this car suggested I ask Sherry Harris for a date, back in 1956, I did. We double dated in this car and she kissed me on the first date. I was SMITTEN! We were married in 1957.
BREAKING NEWS......... Sherry just read this and said, "You should have said, She let me kiss her!"  Of course she is correct!

The here and now:
 As a new General Contractor many years ago, the older builders warned me that the law of averages proves,  'if you build for family there will be trouble.' I was told, “Never build or work for family, if you do charge the same or more than you would an unknown customer.”

I ignored that rule and built for many of my kin, in-laws and siblings. We never had a major problem or falling out. I gave them the best possible price, I understood what the senior contractors were saying, but I knew my family.

There are many rules in life we are smart to adhere to. I have lived my life using the laws of average most times. Because averages usually pay off. If you are taking an exam with multiple choice answers, and have no idea what the correct answer is, pick ‘C’.  Because that position is used more for the correct answer than any other.

The law of averages says it is safer to fly than drive, but you cannot tell my girl that.

In life when you beat the law of averages you are fortunate. Sherry and I are beating the law of averages, in reference to the general population and our family histories. Sherry’s mom passed at 61, my dad at 69. 

I take no medications and Sherry takes one small pill for blood pressure. The family declares the only reason she has to take that one is being married to me. We are both at the 80 year old mark (+ and - a few months).

Today I met my girl at the entrance to the little kitchen here, she looked up at me and puckered. After a good kiss I asked, “How did you know I wanted a kiss?”

“You ALWAYS want a kiss,” she said laughing and gave me another one. Well that is pretty much true (LAW OF AVERAGES AGAIN) .  I do get less kisses in the house than the motor home though.

Nite Shipslog
 This is Sherry and Jack Jr. That car is a Rambler Ambassador.


Woody said...

You have been blessed to be able to do so much work for family when you hear horror stories about fights, feuds and anger over minor issues that really do not mean anything ! I make sure when I pass my Honey going from one room into another I get at least a "Peck on the Cheek" and we NEVER go to bed without a good night Kiss, I can remember a few nights separated by work and a few nights in the Hospital I didn't get one but to me it is Important to Go to Sleep with a Kiss and wake up to a Kiss. 10PM and 34 degrees, snow and cold but going to rain Saturday ! You 2 take care and behave !!!!!

betty said...

I'm with Sherry and flying. I know its safer in a plane than a car, but I rather be on the ground, LOL, then up in the air if something were to happen. Now I know your incentive for getting the motor home back, more kisses!


Lisa said...

I hear that a lot about flying is safer than driving. But here is how I feel about that and Sherry may agree. “If you have an accident driving you have a chance of surviving. If you have an accident flying, your SOL”.
Your medicine cabinate must look like mine. No drugs for me but Nick takes one small blood pressure pill. (Maybe its all the kissing).


Off to work

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Your law of averages is a great in that when you want that kiss from your sweetheart, Sherry has no problem with it. Just about the time you get used to living in your spacious home, your wheel estate will be fixed. Yes, I've heard that it is safer to fly than drive but that doesn't make me want to do more of it. If I had my druthers I rather go for a car ride. But it is usually the quickest way to get someplace that is far away and I've reason to be thankful for that.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I saw your comment on another blog and just had to stop by and visit. I'm enjoying your posts and all the interesting things you've done. WOW! You've been everywhere the beat of the song! Enjoy your weekend! Have FUN!

bobbie said...

Love your 'kissing' story!!

Chatty Crone said...

Law of averages - I will have to tell Andy about answering c on multiple choices. I'd rather have an accident on the ground too. I hate to admit it, but my medicine cabinet is big. :(

Mevely317 said...

I'm right there with Sherry on air travel!
Ya, those dad-gum actuaries and their silly averages. I say phooney on them and follow your heart. Look how well it's worked for y'all all this time!

Dar said...

LOL, we've been working so hard on the estate sale that our law of averages in the kiss dept. has blown nearly out the of us or both fall asleep as fast as we sit down. LOL, but normally we're right up there with you two. Life is great!
loven'hugs from up north where our first day of the sale was more day and we can find each other again !


i'd rather drive than fly. thats sweet you get plenty of kisses from your sweetie.