Sunday, November 11, 2018

Those who SERVED, the Veteran

                            Transportation Vet style

I was raised when the World was at War. Every family was touched by the war. Several of you reading this were there. Banners hanging in windows with stars signifying how many family members were away in war. Mama had two stars, my brothers Odis and Junior.

They were my heroes. My sister carried this photo in her purse until she died:
               My brothers WWII
We were little at the time and somehow actuallythought the picture was real.
I found this picture  of me in mama’s purse after she died:

I was deployed to the Mediterranean as a Marine at the time.

All of mama’s boys were veterans. Jr. was the only one who saw combat and that was constant in the South Pacific.

Our Nation was ‘on its knees’ (praying), somehow I think that the war was won due to mothers prayers.

There have been many wars, but WWI and WWII were the two wars that had we LOST we would have LOST OUR FREEDOM.

As an ignorant man in world affairs I am not sure if we had reason to fear for loss of FREEDOM in the other wars and conflicts. Some of the conflicts, in my personal opinion, could have been avoided and Military lives spared. BUT I cannot think world size problems.

All that said, the military person goes where ordered. The Righteousness of the conflict is not his to decide. They follow orders, they swore to serve at the pleasure of Congress and the President. I always think of a line from the Charge of the Light Brigade:
Theirs not to reason why,
Theirs but to do and die,
Into the valley of death,
Rode the six hundred.
So my salute, respect and appreciation goes out to all Veterans, they did their duty, followed orders and protected our freedom.

Thanks to ALL Veterans of all wars and conflicts, we do appreciate your sacrifice.
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I thought this was appropriate so I borrowed it from the Packardman's blog:


betty said...

Thanks to you and Sherry, Jack, for your service!


Back Porch Writer said...

Thanks to all that served, as well as to you!
Hope you all are doing well Jack. Have not read blogs in a while and stopping by.

Dar said...

And thanks also to You, Jack, for your service as well. There are so many sacrifices for our country by our committed service people and we are deeply thankful. Many of those veterans of war and peace are from my family, sooo many~God save all still out there defending this great country.
love n' hugs from our home up north to yours down south

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I've heard that quote about ours is not to reason why, but to do and die so many times. But never knew where it came from before. I didn't know it came from the Charge of the Light Brigade. So true that those who serve do so go where they are ordered and do what they are told. Their duty to country is above and beyond. Thank you for your service too, lest I forget.

Mevely317 said...

I ditto what 'Ma' just wrote about that verse … so self-less. (*Swallowing hard*)
Your and your brothers' sacrifices -- together with all who've served honorably -- cannot be under-rated. Thanks should be felt every day to every soldier and peace officer, alike.

Glenda said...

As always, our heroes have made the sacrifices to keep us free, thank you for yours, Sherry's and that of your family. Love the post of "Once a soldier, always a soldier."

Lisa said...

I thank you all who have served and God bless those moms that had to let them go.

Thank you Jack!


happy veterans day jack.

Rick Watson said...

I was a Vietnam ere vet but Uncle Sam sent me to Panama.
My biggest sacrifice was being away from my loved ones for two years. Others paid a much higher price.